Outing #3: Day 2 – Trail or cliff?


The edge of what I thought might be a cliff turned-out to be an abandoned fire trail. Imagine that!


This muddy leech-filled creek is the shortcut I use to cut-onto the fire trail. Have to just slide on your rump down half of that because it’s too sleep to stay upright anyway.


…looking back up at the leech-filled shortcut you wouldn’t even know it was there. Much like the fire trail itself.






Having found a way onto the track that leads down into the lower Jamison and Kedumba valleys, I’m sitting to share some “breakfast” biscuits with eight White Cockatoo…

…the last biscuit was eaten about twenty minutes ago now, and yet all eight are still sitting nicely with me.

Lovely, but cheeky birds.

Right now, as I write this, some are walking around with small bits of wood and twigs in their mouths – they toss them around and play with them like toys, some are just shuffling around the way they do.. Occasionally, a bird will puff-up it’s crest in full display at one of the others and even here – half way down the mountain in the middle of the forest – they take even the smallest bit of food from between your fingers as gently as any well-behaved dog.

Up above our little group, there is now a single Cockatoo sitting on a perfectly healthy tree branch, just completely pre-occupied with biting leafy chunks off the end of the branch. He’s not eating or licking anything as he goes; just clipping sections off like a big, feathered hedge-trimmer. He’s very methodical in how he dissects the larger sections.

Some of the ones on the ground in the area are doing the same with ferns, just biting them off at the stem and moving on to do the same with the next fern.

And after no more than twenty minutes, our feathered friend in the tree above has already completely cleared that branch he was so busily working on, so now, not a single leaf remains. Straight after clearing the branch in question he flew away – understandably – I mean who wants to perch on a branch with no leaves, right? 🙂


A little exploration reveals that walking back up this track is pretty tiring.

I have decided to not write all day as I had planned this morning because I’ll inevitably end-up writing about every mundane, boring, minor event and – more importantly – since I have to sit down and get out my pen and paper to write, the more time I spend trying to detail everything I experience the less experiences I’m going to end-up having.

The solution it seems to me, is to write retrospectively, unless something happens that’s just so exciting I cannot help myself and have to write about it then and there.
Since the memories of amusing events seem to stay fresh for quite a while however, it has to be more efficient to write about what has happened, than what is happening.


Thick clouds are beginning to loom overhead now and the Cockatoo just let-out a very loud, raucous verbal assault on the eardrums of every other inhabitant in the area which makes me, in turn, think it may be wise to start making my way back up the mountain.

The one litre water-bottle I’ve brought is getting a little on the empty side too, so back up toward the caves we go I guess!

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