July, 2014

Day 4 – Thursday, 31-Jul-2014

I awoke with a headache half an hour ago, so I’ve had a few Ibuprofen and am now shovelling coffee in me. The wind woke me several times during the night – just so loud. Honestly, if I spent a quarter the time I waste talking to myself writing fiction I’d have dozens of novels […]

Day 3 – Wednesday 30-Jul-2014

Wednesday morning, and I’m getting my starter coffees on me while I decide what to do today. The sun os not only shining today, it actually feels a bit like spring. The usual freezing, pelting wind has been replaced by a softer, slightly warmer breeze. Off for the daily morning walk to refill my water […]

Day 2 – Tuesday 29-Jul-2014

Much to my pleasant surprise, I didn’t see or even hear a single rodent last night. Maybe the week I spent away from here was long enough to break their habitually visiting the camp every night. Don’t get me wrong I love Mice and Rats. Hell I love anything furry and cute, but these particular […]

Day 1 – Monday 28-Jul-2014

So here we are again laying in a sleeping bag on the ground half a dozen kilometers into the Jamison Valley. Sunset has come and gone, and darkness has paved the way for all the nasty, venomous, crawling shit to scurry about unseen. I’d turn my head-torch back on, but that would simply mean having […]

Outing #3: Day 1 – No clue at all

@1:37pm So I’m at the bottom of the Giant Staircase, again, after heading out from town at approximately lunch. Didn’t seem so hard walking down the nine-hundred-odd steps this time. I wasn’t too concerned about an early start because the plan for today was really just to get down the Staircase before dark: since the […]

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