Day 3 – Wednesday 30-Jul-2014


Wednesday morning, and I’m getting my starter coffees on me while I decide what to do today. The sun os not only shining today, it actually feels a bit like spring. The usual freezing, pelting wind has been replaced by a softer, slightly warmer breeze.

Off for the daily morning walk to refill my water for now, before tourists and “walkers” start pissing in it.. Beautiful walk there and back. The melodies all these birds make is such a nice background noise, and at this time of day there aren’t any screaming dickheads to ruin the tranquillity.

For the rest of the day, I’ve decided to go down the mountain and have a look off-track wherever I get the urge. Why not, right? Better than hanging around camp all day.

It’s 4:36pm and the whole forest is awaiting Sunset. The wind has turned cold this afternoon, making for a chilly evening, especially after the comparative warmth of the past few days.

Indeed, I did go for a walk further down the mountain, and found not only what looked like some kind of graveyard for rocks, but a very strange looking boulder just sitting in the middle of thick bush. It has a hole about a foot round, was approximately two feet deep and looked as if it has dribbled yellow paint from the bottom. These yellow streaks rub-off only your finger if you stroke it. The strangest think about it was the fact there were no holes at all anywhere else on the surface of the boulder – just the front. I took several photos of the hole.

Halfway down there, while stopping for a rest, I look up and see a couple – male and female – walking down the trail towards me. Now, the first few times down here I remember being slightly paranoid about the kind of people who might be lurking around down here, but having met only nice, fitness-minded, outdoor types I’ve stopped worrying about it completely so I was pretty relaxed and comfortable, just standing there watching them approach.

They seemed to be taking turns slipping on loose rocks as they made their way down the trail towards me: first he’d slip, then her, them him, then her.. Each time they’d slip their expression would change from composed to a flash of panic. Amused smile on my face, I call out “Greetings!”, they look at one another and then the woman says hi (why’s it always the woman who talks first?), and asks me in a foreign accent, “Could you tell us vair vee are?”.

“Sure”, I reply, “you’re on the T7 Sublime Point fire trail. It goes right down the Southern Blue Mountains, through the lower Jamison and Kedumba valleys. Goes on for days, yeah,.. Snakes right through”.

She then pulls out her tri-fold tourist brochure and points to the little map on the back. “Is this the vae, do you know, to get to Leura Cascades?”. I grin and tell her, “Nahh Leura Cascades is up the top of the trail”.

She then thanks me, they both smile at the stupid Australian and continue walking the wrong way.

I probably should’ve been clearer that they needed to turn around and go back up, but I’ve tried – many times before – to steer foreign tourists in the right direction and they *always* end-up walking-off in the direction they were headed to begin with anyway.

So now, I just give em the standard “You are here.” thing, wave goodbye, then try not to snicker at them as they walk in the opposite direction to their destination.

That trail really would take days to walk, and since I didn’t even see a day-pack on either one of them, they would’ve had to, at some point, turned around and walked back up the mountain the way they came.
They just don’t listen, tourists, no matter how you try to tell them where to go they just carry-on regardless.

It is now 7:11pm, and as always I will start getting tired soon. I’ll have another coffee which might keep me awake long enough to finish writing about todays happenings, but sleep will win in the end. No bugs other than Ants tonight – that I’ve noticed, and no Mice or Mice-like creatures have rustled in the leaves around the camp, yet.

Okay so also I stumbled upon some rock clusters today that looked too “centralized” – like a fire place but with no sign of ash or anything ever being there – to be natural. They were the only rocks in the vicinity. Other than.that though, not too many interesting things happened today.

At around 2:00pm I started heading back uphill towards camp, but most of the way up I ignored the trail, or rather, cut a path straight uphill to each stretch of track. Basically, I only walked on the track when I was crossing it on the way up through the next stretch of bush, till I reached the stretch of track above that, cross, stomp up through bush, cross, etc,,. I’m sure there’s a better way to describe it, but that’s all I got right now. It was more strenuous of course because I was walking directly up the mountain, ignoring the gentler ascent of the long snaking trail, but it was much quicker. Felt quicker anyway, even talking rest stops into account.

Once back at camp, I had a few coffees with biscuits then started on dinner: pasta with pizza sauce and heaps of parmesan cheese, of course. I should be fed-up with this meal by now, but it’s so easy to prepare and I’m usually so hungry when I get to eating it that I don’t care if I’ve had the same thing ten nights in a row.

It’s still just as delicious.

Just when I am thinking how lucky I’ve been not having many spiders the last few nights, a bright orange, shiny one with red stripes on it’s legs the size of a twenty cent price is inches from my sleeping bag.
Light in it’s face sent it running away thankfully.
It’s 9:23pm and that sleep winning thing I mentioned? ..well it’s won. Time for dreams.

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