Day 5 – Friday 1-Aug-2014

Well the morning was alright today, but this afternoons gail-force southerly wind and patchy rain kept me camp-bound much of the afternoon.

On the way back from refilling my water, my White Cockatoo brothers were gathered on the sides of the trail. I stopped, got out some bread, and to begin with held bits of bread in my hand, then just started tossing it around the ground. Not one bird came down and started eating.
Slightly disappointed – but suitably aloof – I tell them, “You know what? You suck doods.” and start walking away. Ten steps away from them I turn and look back and every last bird in the group is in the ground, eating the bread.

Cheeky sods.

Tonight, I had planned to wait for my little marsupial friend to return; even putting aside a few bits of cooked pasta from my dinner, sprinkled with sugar, on a little plastic bag. Then the rain and wind started, and after twenty minutes, first the sugar got washed away, then the bag blew-over – scattering the wet pasta in the wet dirt. He came anyway: Ran up and grabbed a pasta shell then took it back into the scrub with him. I had the infra-red lights on my head-torch on, and not only did he nit appear to notice the light but I got to see his little mouth opened and – though his teeth were too small to see – I saw enough mouth to confirm it is just like a miniature dogs mouth. Really miniature in fact, about one centimeter.

After running off and – I assume – eating his pasta, he returned one more time, dashed back and forwards several times in the same “doofus run” dogs sometimes do when they’re a bit too excited or embarrassed, then he ran back into the scrub again.

Such a cute little creature. Of course, I’m not sure he’s male, just making an assumption. You think you could spot a mouse-sized animals dick when it’s running around that quickly?

9:13pm and sleep is fast approaching. I do love bedtime out here not only because I get to be warm, but I always have such vivid dreams. Every night I’ve slept out here I’ve had dreams that seemed so real, and strange, that when I wake in the morning I wish I could’ve seen how they ended.

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