Day 2 – Tuesday, 12-Aug-2014


So it’s almost 9:00am, and I’ve had a few coffees. It’s started to drizzle rain, and the entire sky looks overcast. The rain isn’t heavy enough to cause me any issues with wetness, but I don’t know whether there’ll be too much bushwalking today if it persists. The Cockatoos don’t sound too bothered by the rain; they’re squawking to one another in turn, as are the Currawongs and the usual ocean of smaller bird noises goes on as I write. May as well make another coffee or tea and check the weather forecast.

My beautiful feathered brothers! Ahh I just love listening to all the different bird species yarping, tweeting and singing to each other.

It’s still raining, but I don’t think it’ll last forever so I shouldn’t be tarp-bound all day. It’s stopped momentarily, and then started again but it’s only spitting so that’s fine. The upside of any rain, of course, is that less people – overall – come out walking when it’s wet.

Of course, as soon as I say it’s only light rain, it starts to get heavier. Mm should’ve just left it out. Sure smells nice and fresh though: Wet Turpentine, Eucalypt and leaf litter.


Alright so the rain has finally stopped long enough for me to attend morning matters, and it looks as though it’ll be clear enough for some bushwalking. A mini walk at least.

Thing about camping on your own in the middle of a rainforest without any entertainment, is you have to entertain yourself, and sitting at your camp all day just don’t cut it: you have to go and walk, whether to explore and find new areas or simply stretch your legs: Outside of meals and coffee-breaks, bushwalking is about the only stimulation you get, so that’s what you do.
Of course the other stimulating activity – for me at least – is finding interesting subjects to take photos of. Three times a day I write in this diary: morning, lunch and at night. The rest of the time the phone is in flight-mode acting as a second camera.

Anyhoo, one more lunch coffee and I’m outta here.


It’s almost dark, and I’ve just finished a pretty good pasta with deep-fried garlic and shallots, dried mushroom and parmesan cheese.

I did indeed go for an exploritory walk down the hill to the south-east, and was elated when I spotted, through the trees, what looked to be the new trail I’ve been wanting to go down. Turned out to be just another elbow of the endlessly snaking fire-trail I’ve already explored.

None-the-less, I did find a strangely plant-less section of hillside without a single fern, sapling or blade of grass anywhere on it. The only things on the ground were dead leaves, twigs and piles of dead branches: like a graveyard for dead trees it was.

On the way back I watched a pair of bright red and blue parrots foraging on the ground for food, and yet again tried to snap a photo but they were too far away to be clear.
It was already raining – again – at this point, which is why I was heading back for camp.


The rain has drizzled-down constantly all night now, so there’s not much more to say: raining most the day, raining all night.

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