Day 5 – Friday 15-Aug-2014



The mission objective for today is to go back and start clearing the new site.
Tell ya what, it’s just insane how bad I smell right now. 🙂 Before I headed down for this trip, the boss – the guy who owns the backpackers I stay at when I’m in town – suggested I bring some tourists down, “maybe some romance uh?”, he says. But he only sees me in town – where I’m clean, and odour-free. After days being out here in the same clothes without a shower, I very highly doubt romance would be happening 🙂
It’s about time to go fill-up on water for the day. I like the walk there, but rather dislike having to pack everything before heading there.
The mission objective was fulfilled, partially. Arriving at the new site around midday, I spent over an hour just clearing leaves to make a small trail that allowed me to walk through the area without all the crunchiness. Moving around silently – out here – is near impossible without moving the half-foot layer of dried sticks and leaves.
Once cleared however, and with only dirt underneath your feet, you’re free to walk around silently, have lower risk of starting a fire (I smoke so embers do occasionally fall on the ground), and you instinctively walk on the trail you’ve cleared which keeps the walkway ground down. Of course you also don’t need to worry about tripping on rocks or other clutter.
I must say too, that although I always feel bad about all the bugs I’ve caused to be displaced from their homes, I use a flicking movement with my feet that’s aimed at minimizing squishage.
Anyway, I cleared a path approximately ten-fifteen meters in length that snakes between a few pairs of trees and although the path looks great, I just couldn’t decide on the right spot to clear for the tent: there were lots of choices, but some looked too sunny, some had trees above them that looked ready to fall any day, some weren’t quite flat enough, and some had large rocks buried in the ground that would need to be removed.
So, without wanting to unnecessarily clear space I wouldn’t end-up using, I simply paced around – trying to decide – until it was time to go just before sunset.
I might just have to clear a temporary patch of dirt next time, big enough for my tent, and use that until I decide on a better, more permanent position.
Whilst clearing the path though, I moved a large, soccer-ball sized rock and found the strangest looking slug I’ve ever seen. Considering I’ve only really seen garden slugs, that’s no big surprise, but this thing was about three inches long, fat, flat and mustard-yellow with – I kid you not – a lumpy streak of red on it’s back the colour of tomato sauce. It also had red edges around it’s stomach. Strangest thing. Looked like it would kill you if you ate it.
I messaged a photo of said slug to an ex, who, after an online search replied to tell me she couldn’t find any reference to either a slug or snail that looked anything like this one. New species perhaps? It’s back underground where I found it now, so we’ll just have to wonder I suppose!
In bed, stove packed away ready for sleep. I woke up at around 6:30am this morning, and after all the walking, clearing and rock-pulling I should think I’ll sleep very well tonight.
There’s so many little things I just haven’t written about here, I’ll just have to add them later sometime, as I’m reading back through these entries.

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