Day 6 – Saturday 16-Aug-2014



The rain comes today, right through until Tuesday.
Frustrating, when I’m keen to make my new camp liveable.

Fuck it: I’ve decided to pack everything up, walk down to the new camp and try and setup before it rains. It’s supposed to rain all day and night, but I haven’t felt a drop so far all day, so hope it holds off another hour or two!


Well the rain’s held off long enough for me to move to the new site, and clear a good oh.. two meters square. Enough for my 3-man tent, and more than enough for my tarp.


It’s now almost completely dark, and I’ve managed to move the whole camp, setup my shelter, have several coffees and make pasta for dinner.
The sky didn’t do more than spit the whole day until finally after I’d put everything undercover and got under myself. Started raining about thirty minutes ago, and hasn’t stopped.

Almost as if the Mountains gave me until sunset to setup my new camp and get undercover, before letting the sky open up! Brilliant! 🙂

I left a full, unopened tube of Leggos Pizza Sauce back at the old camp for my Marsupial friends. I’ll miss ’em too. Maybe I’ll stop by every second day on the way up to get water, and sit for a while, maybe toss some scraps around. 🙁

I’m a bit worried about trees and lighting, because I have no protection whatsoever from either here, and no shortage of dodgy-looking trees around me. Mm.

Then again though, I’m yet to see any halfway private camping location in a forest that has no trees, and out here, they all look dodgy in some way.

Also, I’ve only once – all winter – heard a tree fall, and maybe once heard what sounded like it could’ve been a branch falling. Considering how far sound travels out here, that’s not very often.

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