Rainforest Life: Outing #8 – Day 4


(Thursday 28-August-2014)


The mystery mammal – I’m pretty sure – was a Marsupial Mouse. The mousey scratching, and the fact all the pasta bits outside the tent were gone this morning, plus the lack of any holes in my tent, are proof enough for me.


I’m not even gunna leave camp today because – although it’s not raining – I’m sketchy enough about these trees over me that I’m clearing a new spot for the tent. I’ll take a photo of the two that’re biggest cause for concern, and you’ll see what I mean.


Rained me back in for a little while, but I’ve run a length of string around some good thick trees and started hanging leafy branches from them, and almost cleared a new space for the tent.
I might even get to move the tent today, if I’m quick.

The Sun is back out, and with it, the Yellow Robins perching on the sides of tree trunks then pouncing down on bits of food. They’re bigger here. Easily twice the size of the ones at the previous campsite. Almost budgie-sized.
Anyway, back to work.


Well I’ve moved the tent, but missed a few sticks while clearing. They’re all over the place actually, and it only takes one sharp object to puncture the floor, and the proverbial boat starts leaking.

I’ll have to unpeg the tent tomorrow and do a good shoe-raking of the area to get the little bastards out of there.

Part of the reason I left some leaf-little under the tent this time was so I didn’t ruin the homes of whole colonies of ants, spiders and other bugs.

Every time I’ve disturbed an ants nest, the poor things have shown no signs of aggression whatsoever, surprisingly. They come out of their little tunnel, looking half asleep, and then just slowly wander around.
Same with other bugs: they all run away from, not towards me, so I end-up feeling bad. So this time, I made the decision not to clear right down to the dirt.


Our Mystery Mammal is back again tonight, though my tent’s zipped-up, so I can only hear noises. I might just unzip the door a little and wait, .. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

I got lucky.

And the Mystery Mammal is in fact, another Antechinus. More of those adorable Marsupials. I only saw one, but I heard her chirping the whole way round the back of the tent. It’s such a fast chirp though, it’s more a rapid “chip-chip-chip” sound. 🙂

I’ve closed the tent door to let her get sneaky with the pasta I left out. I have more than enough photos and videos of her species, so I don’t really feel the need to sit waiting all night for a photo.

Great to know it’s not a rat or mouse though!

I’m so close to the Kedumba River down here, I can hear it every night. Not in the day though, not with all the birds singing and the Cockatoo yarping on all day.

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