August, 2014

Day 6 – Saturday 16-Aug-2014

@7:59am The rain comes today, right through until Tuesday. Frustrating, when I’m keen to make my new camp liveable. Fuck it: I’ve decided to pack everything up, walk down to the new camp and try and setup before it rains. It’s supposed to rain all day and night, but I haven’t felt a drop so […]

Day 5 – Friday 15-Aug-2014

@8:34am The mission objective for today is to go back and start clearing the new site. Tell ya what, it’s just insane how bad I smell right now. 🙂 Before I headed down for this trip, the boss – the guy who owns the backpackers I stay at when I’m in town – suggested I […]

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Day 4 – Thursday 14-Aug-2014

@7:34am No sooner had I opened my eyes, the little Antechinus she-devils were scurrying and crashing around in the leaves. I haven’t seen more than one at a time, till a moment ago when I not only saw two at the same time, but one chasing the other away from the food. Not wanting either […]

Day 3 – Wednesday, 13/Aug/2014

@9:31am Woke-up at around 7:30am to lovely thick mist/fog, which has cleared now to be replaced with Sunshine. @10:22am So, breakfast has been had, noodles today, and I’m packing-up to go down this forgotten trail. Three Outings ago I found a trail that’s so disused, there’s grass growing in the middle of it. Following it […]

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Day 2 – Tuesday, 12-Aug-2014

@8:53am So it’s almost 9:00am, and I’ve had a few coffees. It’s started to drizzle rain, and the entire sky looks overcast. The rain isn’t heavy enough to cause me any issues with wetness, but I don’t know whether there’ll be too much bushwalking today if it persists. The Cockatoos don’t sound too bothered by […]

Day 1 – Monday 11-Aug-2014

@11:25am The Boss has come and locked my bags in storage for me, and I’m almost ready to get moving. I haven’t eaten any solid food today, and won’t until I’ve walked down the mountain and setup my camp. Hope my sleeping-bag is still where I stashed it, but since I’ve never seen any evidence […]

Day 7 – Sunday 3-Aug-2014

Last day today and all morning there’ve been helicopters flying back and forth overhead. I recognise the police chopper, and there’s another yellow one. Both seen to be doing flyovers of Mt Solitary. I’m down to almost no food whatsoever, so I guess I planned and rationed it well enough, though I would prefer a […]

Day 6 – Saturday 2-Aug-2014

With Outing #6 already all but over, I awaken this morning to find marsupial shit in my cooking pots. Now, I didn’t mind using the pots for food the other night after he’s walked and licked all in it – he is after all my mammalian brethren – but a line has to be drawn […]

Day 5 – Friday 1-Aug-2014

Well the morning was alright today, but this afternoons gail-force southerly wind and patchy rain kept me camp-bound much of the afternoon. On the way back from refilling my water, my White Cockatoo brothers were gathered on the sides of the trail. I stopped, got out some bread, and to begin with held bits of […]

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