Rainforest Life: Outing #8 – Day 8

Monday, 1st September 2014

9:23 PM

So we’ve done the usual morning stuff: had lots of coffee, pissed-out lots of coffee, attended to other morning matters and are now about to walk down and refill the water bladder for the first time, I might add, since I got here eight days ago today.

I almost can’t believe how well I did with just one plastic sheet, a depression in the ground and a few days of rain: I collected enough water for a full week. Right outside my tent too, so I didn’t have to walk anywhere for it.

Sadly though, that water is all but gone, so it’s back to the six kilometer hum-drum, of walking for it.

While I’m up there, I’ll check out the jungle of plants I’ve walked past so many times, to see if I can spot something from some of the bush-food websites I’ve been reading.

12:22 PM

There is, right now, what appears to be a military chopper circling my campsite. It’s both camo-coloured and huge with a massive, whumping motor, why I have to assume it’s military. Round and round it goes.. directly over my camp.. Very unsettling, since waving at a chopper is a stupid thing to do, unless you aim to be rescued. I only just get back from my water-walk to this invasion of tranquility.

6:29 PM

Tomorrow is go-up day and although this will conclude this trip, I plan to stay in town just long enough to get food organized, supplies bought and batteries charged for Outing 9 – couple of days maybe.


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