Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Pre

Just for something different, there’s a photo of some dogs I stopped to pat today on my way to buy food for the trip. ;O)

(Thursday 4-September-2014)

… Just unbelievable, that I used to actually *like* breaking-up all the food into little snap-lock bags, dividing everything and neatly organising everything before leaving on an Outing.

Now, I just turn my brain off and get it sorted, so my backpack’s ready to strap, click and go.
Alright so, the focus of Outing #9 is going to be on identifying, and perhaps consuming, food and medicinal plantae, and maybe some drawing – since I haven’t drawn at all really in the three months I’ve been here now and drawing out there – with no imteruptions or distractions – would be nice.

I will also begin searching for my next camp spot, and hopefully not needing to repair any wombat-sized holes in my tent, which I left pitched the other day, before coming up.

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