Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 3


(Sunday 7-September-2014)


Rain, rainy rain, rain…
The novelty of being dry in this admittedly awesome tent is beginning to wear a little – thin.

The tent, I love; Being rained-into it most of the time, not so much. But, would I be walking around in the rain getting soaked-through if I were in town?

In that respect, there’s really not much difference between being rained-into shelter in suburbia, or rained-into a shelter out here: Nobody wants to be drenched, so people minimize the time they’re outside being rained-on and thus the rain sucks when it carries-on for days – or weeks – no matter where you happen to be.

It’s stopped raining right now, but the clouds are still banked-up in the sky from east to west, so any decent lengthy walk is out of the question, because I only have one set of clothes, and cannot afford for them to be wet when daylight slips away: That’s how hypothermia happens.


Some kind of funky shit’s going down around Ruined Castle, at the end of Narrow Neck. For over half an hour solid there’s been a chopper hovering around the same area out there. Assumedly another rescue of some kind, since they happen most weekends.


I’ve been informed via text from my Mother that some sucker slipped off the Golden Stairs and fell, and after ground-based search and rescue couldn’t locate him, the choppers had to wait for the weather to clear to airlift the fool out. So that’s what todays chopper activity was about.

Good thing he didn’t fall from the top or they’d still be scraping chunks of him off the rocks now. šŸ˜‰

..anyway, here’s some local history: The Golden Stairs get their name not because they’re made of gold obviously – else they’d be stolen long ago – they’re just stone stairs, but because back in the 1800s when gold mining was all the rage the church-based charities used to camp the area providing meals and care in exchange for bits of gold from miners climbing the stairs.


Pissing down rain again. It *is* nearly 9:00pm though, so I might as well start my nightly read of short stories online.

This night-time reading will probably see me run out of battery recharges before the outing is up, but meh..


*WARNING: Numbers and technical stuff ahead!*

The exciting news is that I have a certain office supply store in town, put aside two 12,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery packs. They’re $200 – for both. Compared to my 9,000mAh PowerMonkey batteries, which are $220-$250 *per battery* and the new ones are leaps and bounds ahead. The only difference between the office brand and the camping one is the PowerMonkey is IPX7 Waterproof to one meter, and the office ones aren’t.

But really, who ‘d be retarded enough to try and charge their fucking phone underwater?

Point is, next Outing I’ll be packing around 42,000mAh worth of rechargeable batteries. Up until now I’ve had just 18,000mAh. So I’ll have enough power for all the photos, reading, research and diary I could want.

It’s like, my battery-capacity has been upgraded from “Whites” to “Blues” .. Epic will come later šŸ˜‰

It’s all about the mAh capacity of your batteries folks: Like how much fuel you can fit it your tank, the larger the mAh, the more power that battery will hold!


It’s a full moon again tonight, and I wish I had a decent camera, capable of capturing the bright-blue lighted forest. My phone camera just can’t hack it, and only shows black, but my eyes can see well enough to not require a torch.

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