Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 5


(Tuesday 9-September-2014)


Still haven’t quite finished Day 4’s entry. Just bear with me now.

Okay. Normally, I upload the days diary a day late for several reasons:

Firstly, the day isn’t really over until I’ve gone to sleep that night, and since nocturnal animals or other things can happen once I’m lying in bed, I like to leave the diary ‘open’ until the next morning – just in case something happens the night before.

Secondly, I’m quite often teetering on the verge of falling asleep from eight-onwards. Next thing I know I open my eyes and it’s morning, so I often don’t finish/upload that days entry at night ’cause I’m unconscious by then.

As well as that, writing retrospectively gives me the opportunity to leave-out a lot of irrelevant dribble, and other events that are so minutely significant there’s really no point writing them down.

Of course, the reason for all this diary writing wasn’t to “blog” about my time out here, but to keep a record – for my own perusal later – so that in a few years when I’m off doing whatever I’ll have a permanent record of events and memories to read over at my leisure.

We all know how memories fade over time, so by writing as much as possible down I hope to capture more of it now, to remind myself later.

I started with an exercise book and pen, scribbling everything that happened each day – along with the time it happened, but once I reached one hundred-odd pages over four or five books, it seemed a bit inconvenient and a generally outdated method of writing.

Then I bought the new phone however (mostly for the Telstra Next G rural reception), and found that not only could I type it straight into digital form, but – most importantly: the phone weighs the same no matter how many pages I write, whereas the paper well, it stacks-up pretty fast.

About the same time of course, I realized that if I upload each days entry to my site as I go, I don’t have a stack of entries to sort out later, anyone can read them if they want rather than leaving them locked away on my phone, and I have not only an online backup but a database searchable by date, time, keywords, animals.. Makes reading back through it all much easier since it’s organised as I do it.

Type anything you like in the Search box, and It’ll list only posts containing those words.

I’ve still got about 50 pages of hand-written entries from outings 1-5 I haven’t typed in here yet, oh well. I’ll get around to it in the off-weeks, eventually.

It’s amazing how fast a page fills with text geesh. Anyhoo.


Dull day today, even by camping standards. I’ve been watching insects walking and buzzing around doing insect stuff, and a funny-looking spider that I’ve just flicked off my tent for the second time. There’re also a few bees that – for reasons unknown to me – are walking around the leaves just poking their heads down under them.

I’ve also discovered a way of dealing with leeches that I must say I don’t feel all that bad about: A 6-inch, razor-sharp carbon-steel knife blade, stabbed through them several times.

Sure it takes them a while to die, but at least I know they won’t be re-attaching themselves to me once their head is sliced-off.

I know I know, I’m trying not to kill anything, and this remains the case for most living things out here but leeches are different.

I can easily justify killing them based on the simple fact that – like flies and mosquitoes – leeches hunt *me* down.

They really do; I watched this parasitic vermin while he was wiggling across the ground heading straight for me. I moved around the other side, and a minute later he’s changed direction – heading straight at me again.

Three times I sliced him like a sausage, and although he was still wiggling and writhing on the spot – an *hour* later – he hadn’t gotten anywhere.


So we’ve laid-out two separate “plates” this evening: One for the noisy, gluttonous Possum and another separate, smaller dinner for our meek little Marsupial Mouse.

All we gotta do now, is wait and stake-out the food bowl. As soon as I hear a noise, I’ll assume the photographic – but awkward – position, and hopefully, tonight we’ll get a photo of this hippo-sized beast 🙂


So, I’ve been sitting like a statue for almost two hours now, yet I’ve seen not the slightest indication the Smacky-eater is nearby, or even on the way. I know right: as soon as I zip my tent up and start quietly reading, I’ll hear him slobbering his food up, but how long does one wait? What if he doesn’t come tonight at all?

He hasn’t come while I’ve been awake every night so far, I’ll add

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