Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 8


(Friday 12-September-2014)


So I’ve been waiting to find out whether the weather will provide my water, or I have to walk for it.
I’ve had my morning munch of Geebungs, done the now routine morning stuff and readjusted my tarp from “battened-down” to “open” for water collection, but in spite of the clouds covering the entire sky, all they’ve provided so far is spitty-spatty shit. Nowhere near enough to fill my pond.

Enough to awaken those fetid, vampiric leeches, but not enough to stop me having to walk through them to refill. I’ll be sure to take my knife with me if/when I do go.

I figure I’ll give it until 1:00pm, and get strapped-into my pack to go by two, though what if it starts really pissing down then? Mm.


A beautiful, big, black Crow just came to visit me. First thing I heard was the massive wings fly over my tent, then back over.

I peer out the mesh window and there he is – completely silent, just sitting on a fallen branch a foot off the ground.

Seconds later he starts walking around the camp, so naturally I get the phones camera ready to take some shots, and I take them.


An early dinner is in order I think, even though I’ve had a cup and a half of Geebungs, they’re not exactly filling.


It’s on. Boring pasta and sauce, with nothing else, though I’ll add some powdered milk at the end: elevating it a tiny notch, to ‘creamy’ tomato pasta.

On the one hand, it sucks running-out of the staples down here: Biscuits, chocolate, cheese & crackers, etc, but I’d rather put up with boring food for the last few days than have to carry the leftovers back up. A pack that’s as empty as possible on the last day is always the goal.

I’ll try cooking a couscous porridge later. It should be alright since it’s just another wheat product, though bland with just milk and sugar, it will either be edible or the marsupials can have it, I figure.


Alright, so the couscous porridge was not so amazing. You wouldn’t snub it if you were starving, mind, but nor would you ever choose it as a desert. It did however, make me consider adding rolled-oats to the shopping list for the next outing since I usually have an abundance of both powdered milk and sugar. In fact, this week I came down with 2kgs of powdered milk (makes 20Ltrs odd), and 2kg of sugar, as well as four 100g jars of instant coffee.

I’m beginning to grow politician eyebrows. There are these long bits that curl back into my eyelids.

Maybe I’m turning Yowie. I certainly smell the part and now the eyebrows are lengthening mm. Either way I wish I had scissors.


The Possum, that scoffer of food with the table manners you’d expect of a wild animal, returned just a moment ago, and this time not only did I get to watch him munching away for a good ten minutes, I got photos.

He has a front-half like a wombat, sits like a cat, and makes wet, sloppy smacking sounds like a dog as he chows-down his pasta, or whatever food I leave out for him.
As much as I wanted to switch the head-torch to “spot-light” mode, too, even the slightest movement – exhaling to quickly, a crinkle of fabric – and he bolts for the nearest tree. Certainly, the only time I’ve had a fully-lit look at him, as soon as the spotlight hit him he ran, so all I got to see was him running away, though fully bathed in light.

Do this time, I resigned to settling for the red light, and never would’ve had the chance to watch him so close for so long, without the dimmer, red light. I also wouldn’t have got photos with the white light, because he’s be gone before I even pressed the shutter button.

Edit: With only one phone recharge left, and all other batteries flat, this will probably be the last post until I get up top and have access to electricity. I’ll do each days entry anyway, ’cause it’s become a bit of an obsessive-compulsive thing, and I’d hate to miss a day, but uploading just sucks the battery dry, do I’ll do that in town – as well as proof-read the last few sloppy entries.

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