Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 9


(Saturday 13-September-2014)


These blow-flies are driving me fucking insane today. Even when they’re not trying to walk on you, the sound of them huzzing in-and-out-and-in-and-out is just relentless.

Next outing, I’ll bring some fly-paper and burn the fuckers with my lighter when the get stuck. I hate flies. Just absolutely *hate* them.


Fly-induced psychosis aside, I’ve decided that today I’ll continue work on the trail I started clearing when I first arrived, and maybe wash a bit later, once I’ve stopped sweating.


I cleared sticks and leaves, kicked bugs homes apart, snapped a bunch of young trees right off at their bases, ripped mounds of native grasses out the ground, tossed everything down the hill and generally wrought havoc upon the area until another ten-to-fifteen meters were cleared enough to resemble a trail.

I looked back at the new length of track – bare, plant-less dirt, snaking between trees, around large moss-covered rocks and leading right back to my tent – then stopped to drink some powdered-orange-flavoured “beverage”. Well, it’s thirsty work.

I basked for a while in the satisfaction of a job well done, while flicking a few leftover leaves off my neat new path and finishing the remaining orange drink.

Safe to say, nothing will be growing back there any time soon.

Before long I became distracted, stopped what I was doing and walked up and over the hill in front of me.

Below, not too far away, the Kedumba River sits waiting for me. The largest river in the Jamison, the Kedumba bends and snakes it’s way right through the entire lower Blue Mountains.

I become distracted again, this time with visions of me sitting by the waters edge, swimming, fishing, pissing and bathing all summer long. Never having to walk more than a few meters for all the water I could ever need.

I can’t walk there now. For one thing, it’s too late to start a kilometer-long walk straight through the forest, and the other thing is I don’t have anything on me: no water, beakon, GPSr,.. Hell I don’t even have my half-flat mobile.

Tomorrow, I’ll shove water and electronics in my pack and head-on out even further into the valley.

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