Rainforest Life: Outing #10 – Pre


(Tuesday 16-September-2014)


Few days restocking and it’s go-time-mofos, again. The tenth Outing! Bit of a mini-milestone of sorts, finally teaching double digits.

So changes to the upcoming Outing #10 “configuration” – for lack of a better word – involve the extra 24KmAh of battery juice, and a healthier diet with more variation.
Amongst new items added are instant mashed-potato, gravy, chicken stuffing mix (that nice, herby breadcrumb stuff), dried fruit (mango, pineapple as well as a fruit salad mix), porridge, noodles, milo, tangy lemon drink, what else… Butter – Lurpak of course, oh and dehydrated peas – to add to the mashed-potato or anything else.

I’ll be packing-up and moving camp this time, again, having found an equally nice spot a kilometer or so away, and of course – before you wonder – I have Teddybear plus Arrowroot biscuits for my Antechinus friends, and since the Possum has already proven he’ll scoff-down anything, he’ll be well fed too.

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