Rainforest Life: Outing #10 – Day 3

(Monday 22-September-2014)


Still having my morning coffees, while I decide whether to have breakfast and what to amuse myself with today.

I’m seriously favouring digging a decent toilet, as a matter of fact, because I’m becoming sick of having to go off with my makeshift shovel to dig little holes in random places. A single, one-foot deep pit would be much better.
I also want a chair of some kind – two actually – one undercover, just outside my tent, and another in the sun. And a piano, over there by the wide-screen TV. Yeah that’d be great.

Ahh. The lunacy of it all.


Alright so it turns out through some travesty of epic proportions, that I – somehow – only have 6mb or so in data left on my phone.

Not quite sure how, since I stuck 1000mb on it just Thursday was it? And I already had 250mb leftover from the last data recharge. I should only think that apps have auto-updated my data away, since nothing else could use that much data – that quickly.

What this means of course, is I won’t be able to upload each days diary entry while I’m out here. I have plenty of charged batteries left – so I can still write the entries, but I won’t have the data to upload the posts or any pictures to go with them until I can recharge, which will be next Tuesday.

I might get away with an extra day or two if I forego the photos, but I dunno.

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