Rainforest Life: Outing #11 – Day 3


(Second image is Saturday’s, but couldn’t be f’d waiting for that post to load seperately, to edit it)


(Sunday 5-October-2014)


“A week at least”, I recall stating yesterday as an estimation and yet here he is again. He’s looking, and found the odd bit of chicken from my sandwich yesterday but he’s got those now.

Basking just outside my tent quite comfortably, he moves here and there but only to a more comfortable spot the same distance away or closer. Anyway I gotta go get water.


Walk for water pretty standard. No “walkers” good, but no wallabies, bad. I usually hear a couple of them thumping through the bush and always see one on the trail – crashing into the ferns hopping of the trail as soon as it hears the crunching of rocks under my shoes from a distance. Today there were no wallabies at all.


Okay so, although I’m happy with cheese and crackers for dinner I find myself cooking pasta for the possum and lizard. I really don’t feel like cooking but by popular demand, I have.


All done and dusted, so to speak. Possums pasta is outside waiting for him, Lizards lunch is bagged and ready for him tomorrow. Course, I had some too. Was alright.


I’ve just heard the possum come and eat his pasta, but a minute into eating it, I hear something else approaching from the opposite side of the tent. The possum already munching down the pasta stopped eating and made several grunting sounds, then a moment later scampered off. I didn’t hear the other animal approach the front to eat the food, but I’ll assume it was a second possum – since all the other larger nocturnal mammals wouldn’t simply skipped the pasta and eaten the possum

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