Rainforest Life: Outing #12 – Day 2

(Saturday 18-October-2014)




A few minutes ago now, I made a potentially lizard-killing error in judgement by feeding him a sealed plastic “snap-lock” sandwich bag filled with raw chicken necks.

Several times previously I’ve given him fully sealed plastic bags packed full of my own ‘special recipe’ bush-spagetti and he’s always ripped, clawed and shaken the bag open before gobbling up the contents; once he’s got them out. Indeed, I usually do extra pasta just for him then seal it in the bag the night before. In the morning, all I need to do is toss the whole bag – still closed – on the ground outside the tent and leave it there for him to sniff-out. I started doing it tgat way because when the food is sealed-up in the bag I don’t have s million flies swarming the area.

He’s never had any problem separating the bag from it’s contents and although he may lie on top of the empty bag – probably just because he it smells like chickeny-goodness – he’s never once shown any inclination to eat the bag itself.

Today, he had that inclination, and ate an entire plastic bag whole. Bad, bad, baaaad.


Whether owing to hunger or some other shit, he decided that shaking the chicken out the bag first was altogether too much effort for him, and greedily swallowed the entire plastic bag, along with several necks that were still in it.

I tried to get close enough to pin him down so I could pull the plastic bag out his mouth and thus throat, but as soon as I’d get within two meters he’d run a few more meters, then continue to swallow the bag from a ‘safe’; distance.

Considering how thick these bags are – double-strength Hercules sandwich-sized bags, I really can’t see them passing through his digestive tract at all so spewing it up is the only other way he can feasibly purge the bag.

He even ate the thick plastic snap-seal at the top.

Because of the slow digestive system reptiles have, it could take weeks to see the outcome, but I hope he vomits it up before long since that’s the safest outlet for it.

There were still some chicken necks that did fall out as he was eating the bag of course, and swallowing the one foot square snap-lock didn’t stop him eating them afterwards.


Either way I certainly won’t be leaving food in bags for him anymore: not now I’ve witnessed him do that.



Okay so maybe one smacky-eating Possum and a Bush Rat aren’t quite enough to justify the “MADNESS” in the title, but it’s certainly been a feeding frenzy outside my tent the past three hours. It’s good actually; a distraction from the horrible plastic-bag eating by the Goanna earlier today.

As per usual, I toss grainy-type food outside at about sunset, and as soon as darkness blankets the mountains the crunching begins!

“Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.”, footsteps move around the camp approaching slowly and sneakily from the same direction each night. I unzip my tent door and switch on the nocturnal red light and low-and-behold – I see eyes glowing in the distance! Slowly bobbing and moving around while they shine that luminous pinky-red glow and move silently closer.

But that’s just the eyes. The rest of the animal makes a ludicrous amount of noise considering it’s meant to be sneaking across the ground, but I cannot fault the effort he puts into trying SO hard to move stealthily. I’ve certainly tried plenty of times to walk without making any noise, and epicfail each and every time. The dried leaves are the culprit: crunching like potato chips with every step you take. Possums are no quieter – no matter how they try.


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