The Rainforest Journal: Outing #12: Day 11

(Monday 27-October-2014)


Been a pretty slow day today. Not only for animals, but for myself since I’m running out of everything. I’ve got probably four coffees left, and because I’ve just run out of milk powder, the last few coffees are going to be black.

I’m almost completely out of tobacco so I’ve started smoking little bits through my pipe: that uses less, and for dinner tonight there’s only instant noodles or pasta with with the last of the pizza-sauce, ’cause I’m still completely out of cheese.

Of course when you stay out nearly a fortnight at a time with only a 48Ltr backpack you can only fit so much stuff in it, and it’s alright in a sense, since I have nothing much to carry back up tomorrow, though it’s only one more night so whatevz right? I’ve tried taking the larger 90Ltr pack too, but I end-up filling it up, then having to carry half a bag of stuff back up with me – since I end-up taking down too much stuff to eat during the outing.


No sign of the Broeski today, that’s two days in a row, and since I’ll probably be packed-up and gone tomorrow before he usually shows-up I suppose that’ll make three days.

Still, I’m pretty relieved he’s looked alright the past few days, so we’ll see how he’s doing after a few days when I get back for Outing #13.


For several days now, there has been an exceptionally attractively coloured cricket hiding in amoung the folds of the tent. Normally, a cricket wouldn’t warrant any kind of mention: since it’s just a cricket, and they’re common as dirt.

This particular insect however, is just so colorful. I’ve seen the common ‘house’ variety – Brown, dark and boring – but this guy is coloured like a tequila sunrise: beautiful warm yellow with crimson-red shading.

Tequila Sunrise in a bug: one very handsome insect.

Tequila Sunrise in a bug: one very handsome insect.

Yet again, just like the bright red and yellow slugs and ants with turned-gold coloured bums: The National Park provides something usually so common, and brightens it up.

While we’re on the topic of six-legged invertebrates I’ve taken a few minutes to snap as few photos of the bull-Ants that crawl around the inside of my tent. They crawl on my stuff and me too and yet, despite the fact there’s almost always these ants crawling on our near me not once have I been bitten by a single one of them. Even when I flick em off me they don’t ever come running back angry or try to hurt me.

Clear image, but shaded so you can't see the gold abdomen.

Clear image, but shaded so you can’t see the gold abdomen.

The size of their mandibles – you’d think – would mean a pretty nasty ant and yet I never see them biting any other creature either. In fact, I’ve seen the tiny, common black sugar ants harass these larger ones and all they do is run away.

In any direct light, their bums look just like brushed-gold. Walk on me all day these ants do.

In any direct light, their bums look just like brushed-gold. Walk on me all day these ants do.


Again today, just before sunset, the adult Raven dropped in to beat the Possum to the proverbial punch. I almost feel sorry for the Possum: coming at night now to find only half the pasta that’s usually there, and spread all over the dirt too. I always spread it on the plastic bag nice and clean for both the Possum and Monitor, but the Ravens just grab the bag and yank the whole lot upside-down.

Anyhoo, sleep now finally so I can go up and restock in the morning. If only someone would helicopter-in some air-drops to save me having to leave every two weeks, I could probably stay down here two months at a time.

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