The Rainforest Journals: Outing #13 – Day 9

Saturday, 8th November 2014

10:18 AM

So I’m just waiting for whichever lizards are due to come while I go about my morning caffination routine, when I had the thought to cook some lizard dinners when I’m in town next, then bring that down with me next time.

I generally only get three nights in town so there’s not a lot of time, but everyone knows cooked meat smells much less than raw and chicken smells the least of all the meats so if I buy some of that chicken mince and cook it up with some stale bread rolls – of which I always have surplus – I could probably end up with something that can be kept longer before it starts to really stink, and would be lighter because of the bread. We’ll see we’ll see.

Certainly, raw meat sinks so much – so fast – that all I want to do it get it out of my tent ASAP and that’s how it’s gone for the chicken necks I’ve brought down here too:; they smell so bad after just one day in a warm tent that as soon as a lizard walls by I dump the lot out on the ground just to be rid of it.

At the same time of course, I only have so much room in my pack for my own food, but I’m sure there’s a way to stuff s bit extra in.

8:02 PM

Not much happened in the end today. I waiting till about mid afternoon for animal visitors, none came so I went for a walk to refill my water bottles. The usual Wallaby or two along the walk but nothing particularly thrilling. On the way back I stopped at a Geebung tree and grazed on them for a bit, since I haven’t had any fresh plant matter in a while.

Geebungs, unripe from the plant as well as ripe from the ground.
Geebungs, unripe from the plant as well as ripe from the ground.

Possum will be along sometime tonight for his pasta of course, but that’s so routine now it’s a given since he comes everytime there’s food. So, although I could dribble-on about a multitude of little things, I won’t, since it’s 8:20pm and I have short stories to read before bed.

Matrush or "bush rice". The actual seeds easily fall off the flower-head now so they may be ready.
Matrush or “bush rice”. The actual seeds easily fall off the flower-head now so they may be ready.

8:51 PM

Possum is right outside as I type, chowing-down pasta. Something sent him up one of the trees outside a moment ago where he spent a few minutes making rapid grunting noises: he does this anytime he’s spooked up any tree though, a kind of warning/defensive grunting. I got some of it with the voice recorder last night but I’m not sure whether wordpress will accept sound files for media uploads.

And just for the hell of it, here’s a photo of what nighttime looks like out here. I have plenty of standard torches, but the red light doesn’t make your pupils “pin” and thus when I switch the light off I still have my eyes adjusted for darkness.

Just waiting for the camera to charge enough to wifi the photos over to the phone, so I can upload.

My Possum buddy, grunting halfway up a tree like usual. They make an impressive warning sound for such a skittish animal.

Assuming that sound recording works alright, I can start uploading other peculiar animal noises. First time I’ve even tried to upload a sound file.

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