The Rainforest Journal: Outing #14 – Day 2

(Sunday 16-November-2014)


Shit weather, all day.

Shit weather, all day.

Well there won’t be any reptiles visiting today. All day it’s been cold with gale-force winds and rain on and off. About ten minutes ago I’m just sitting there looking out the door when I hear a loud *crack* then saw a tree branch fall to the ground with a *whoosh* just 20 meters away.

Glad my tent wasn't setup there. That's all one branch, though it looks like two.

Glad my tent wasn’t setup there. That’s all one branch, though it looks like two.

So I guess I’ll just have to amuse myself until dinner-time since the Monitors don’t come out on days like this, and it’s too wet for me to be put the tent really. It’s times like this though I’m glad I didn’t settle for a bivvy or 1-2 person tent: having a 3-man means plenty of room s do even when I’m rained-in it doesn’t feel confined or claustrophobic at all.


As predicted, no lizards came and because of the horrid winds even the birds weren’t out today. I think I heard one bird calling this afternoon and I only noticed that because it was the first of the day.

For dinner tonight we mammalian are having pasta as usual but with a basil pesto I instead of tomato-based sauce. Considering how I was practically ambushed by furry mouths last night – with everything I chucked outside the tent gone in minutes – I reason that both Possum and Ray alike will appreciate the pile of yum I’ve left out there for tonight.

Dinner for the possums, rats and myself: Pasta with basil pesto and parmesan

Dinner for the possums, rats and myself: Pasta with basil pesto and parmesan


As forecast, it was a pretty eventless day today. Low on water – since I only had 4ltrs here from last time when I arrived yesterday, and to wet and windy to walk for more I spent the day reading about some of the animals out here; including these little guys…

The little jumping spider. Hope I don't roll on him during the night.

The little jumping spider. Hope I don’t roll on him during the night.

He’s still in my tent somewhere right now because he’s too cute for me to want to evict. Whenever I move near one of these little spiders they pivot on the spot, lift their head up and look right at me. If I reach out to grab them they’ll hop away but as soon as they do, they turn and look up at me again. Apparently this is because they have the best visual acuity of any spider: with their two uncommonly large primary eyes far enough apart on a “flat” face, they see the world better than we do with stereoscopic, high-definition eyesight capable of seeing even ultra-violet light.

This results in a family of little arachnids that are quite curious about things they see around them. They also have another six eyes, but treats have shown that even with all these extra eyes covered, a jumping spider is still perfectly capable of hunting, leaping and navigating is way around without issue.

Fascinating little spiders and they’re so small I have no concern of being bitten by them off course.

Here’s the wikipedia entry on the jumping spider family:

• Wikipedia: Jumping Spiders •


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