The Rainforest Journals: Outing 15 – Pre

25th November 2014

At least it’s something.

You know although I kind’ve miss that whole “having a home and fixed address” thing, sitting outside now typing this I realize there’s one thing that the multitude of hostels and backpackers offer in abundance that’s nigh impossible to get in a typical suburban house; space. So much space.

Even though there are a plethora of different personalities and people rotate, come and go there’s always half s dozen places you can go for peace and quiet – albeit maybe not on a Friday or Saturday night.

With multiple TV rooms, multiple building levels and so many hallways and rooms is like a rabbit warren it’s never hard to get away from noisy, over-talkative fuckers or weirdos if you need to focus our concentrate on something – as I do now.

The creepy basement at the Mountain Lodge – the gate was left open so I went in and checked-out the only part of the backpackers that hasn’t been refurbished a hundred times.

Anyway enough rambling. This outing there are going to be some changes afoot.

Firstly, since the birds have replaced the Monitors during the day and nights are busier than ever with so many furry mammalian mouths to feed, the foods I fill my pack with this week will reflect this; catering more for the “grain and cereal” crowd, I’ve dropped any kind of meat from the inventory and replaced it with breakfast cereals: Weet-Bix and Corn Flakes to be more informative. Not only will the Marsupials and Rats like that, but owing to the hot days and nights lately it’ll allow me to have cold food and of the 2kgs of powdered milk I take down I always end up with about half a kilo left when I head back to town so yeah there’ll be plenty. I’ll take a third bag just to be sure.

Of course I’ll have the usual broken-up buiscuts – especially now I’ve got me a Possum that’s comfortable being hand-fed.

Secondly I’m going to change the format of the journal; chop-off the paragraphs of babbling and just post photos with captions. Not only are days often similar out there, even when different shit happens each day, I’m starting to find the actual sitting there writing every event that happens that day is getting to be more of a chore than it needs to be. I wanted a record of my time in the forest to read back over once I’m no longer doing it and there’s just no need to write every detail as if I’m keeping minutes at some good-awful, never-ending board meeting that goes for ten days straight.

Sure, when new animals come along – or even if the same animals do something strange, or out of character – there’s a reason to write down observations but if, say, some Currawong fly-in every day for food and I feed them, how many days in a row is there really any point in writing about it? Unless those birds do something out of the ordinary, writing in detail every day about them eating some bread is just pointless and it’s easy to get a bit OCD about getting everything down; way more than is really needed.

So starting this coming outing, I will simply take photos, select the good/interesting ones and upload them with explanatory captions. Faster and easier all-round.

I’ve also got an insect repellant “toolkit” that’s coming with me this time as well as a 3-pack of microfiber cloths that I can use not just to wash but to keep cool; a wet cloth is more efficient use of water than simply poring it over my head.

Incidentally, this is the 100th journal entry. Makes the journal a kind’ve.. centenarian, of sorts.

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