The Rainforest Journals: Outing 15 – Day 7

Saturday, 6 December 2014

12:23 PM


I’m starting to really love the rain out here more than ever. Is there anything as good – when the day’s just started warming-up to the point of being sticky – than a midday storm. Not only does it cool the place down nicely, all the flies seem to become completely inactive once the rain starts.

On the down-side of course, the Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for a big chunk of NSW including the Central Tablelands with flash-flooding and large hailstones over the next few hours. So far is looking pretty tame compared to some of the storms I’ve been in the middle of out here, though it’s only midday so I should really hold-off on the guffawing until later; when the temperature starts to drop.

I’ve noticed out here that even when rain or storms are forecast they usually happen either first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon/evening; when the temperatures are cooler. Thus, the fact todays storm started at midday could mean it cranks right up towards evening.

Typically piggy Currawong filling their beaks; like the bird version of a McDonalds drive-through it is.

Typically piggy Currawong filling their beaks; like the bird version of a McDonalds drive-through it is.


Recording of a young Lyrebird practicing his mimicry. There is only one bird in this recording.


I’ve just spent the last hour listening to what must be the younger of the Lyrebird duo that’s been hanging around as of late. The other day both birds spent half the day practicing Currawong calls and as a result the younger bird has that mimic pretty much down pat. His Kookaburra is coming along, though he doesn’t seem quite accomplished enough to execute the entire call yet. Whichever adult male was teaching him the other day spoke Kookaburra flawlessly, but I’m sure the younger one will get there.

Whether it’s both birds or just one – like today, they only seem to come out here to practice/teach/mimic at dawn and in the late afternoon shortly before dusk. I’ve also noticed they like to position themselves on the side of the hill. I’d propose the reason they do this is the reverb/echo of their voice bouncing off the hill caries their expertly mimicked calls further.


Time to post it I suppose, got distracted fighting the invading monster army…

Oops, the watermark is automatic. Whatever.

Oops, the watermark is automatic. Whatever.

..I don’t usually indulge in game-playing while I’m out here, but it’s almost the last day and I’ve got a full 9000mAh battery-pack left; why not.

The weather as recorded at 8:35pm from the inside of my tent..



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