The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 7

(Saturday 20-December-2014)



The sun is about to set on a relaxing day spent reading, cooling off and clicking at the occasional bird here and there. Here’s what it sounded like:

Todays birdly midday forest sounds..

I’m pleased to announce that there was no Marsupial fighting at all last night, since both Possums got around the same as each other: approximately a large bowls worth of pasta, served far enough apart so everyone could eat in peace. I even laid-out two smaller bags with plain pasta and instant mash for the Rats.

Today, apart from the Currawong adults dropping in to take bits ball to their nest there wasn’t much animal activity. Maybe I just didn’t notice though since I was busy reading Two arms & a head. It’s a lengthy read and there are some sections I simply flicked through because I started growing tired of him just whining about being a cripple, but on the whole is a pretty interesting read.

It’s a book written by some dood who snaps his T4 spinal disc when he runs into a donkey on his bike. It goes into detail about what it’s like to be a paraplegic – hence the title “Two arms & a head”, everything from stories about uncontrollable bodily functions to whining because he can’t have sex anymore and eventually ends when he suicides.

But, morbid as that is, most of the booklet is philosophically centered and does contain the odd profundity and, although there’s nothing there that hasn’t been pondered a billion times before, it’s well written and switches between humor and depression sporadically enough to not get dull.

Anyway that took most of the afternoon. I’ve added it as a link, and might create a seperate links or further reading page or the like, so I can add links to some of the more engaging stories/sites as I find them.

Anyhoo, I’m just about to read-up on this poor bitch in Illinois I think? In the 60s who was chained to a bed, made to eat her own shit, even forced to shove glass coke bottles up herself. I’ll.. I’ll get the link.. The torture and murder of Silvia Likens, that’s the Google search. Happened in the 1960s, but still has that certain, ghoulish quality.

As I finish this, there’s a fire-fly flashing under the floor of the tent. Poor thing, he’ll most likely get inadvertently squished before he finds his way out.

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