The Rainforest Journals: Outing #17 – Day 1

(Saturday // 27-December-2014)



Having zig-zagged my way down the mountain and out into the valley on the usual assortment of trails, there is nothing better than arriving at camp, unclipping the 15kg strapped to your back and setting-down the shopping bag with 5kg of fresh fruit and water before getting some coffee on then simply sitting back and having a good relax.



Best sugar ever: Panela. Just raw sugar-cane juice, pressed and dried. It has a very caramel flavor with just the slightest hint of licorice.

Best sugar ever: Panela. Just raw sugar-cane juice, pressed and dried. It has a very caramel flavor with just the slightest hint of licorice.

Within an hour and the first Currawong has already soared-down and pitched on a nearby branch – vibrating it slightly upon landing.

Pied Currawong

Pied Currawong


The Possum are on the prowl. Often, they don’t get to visiting until the second evening of each outing, but tonight we have a head-count of three wooly Marsupials present. Conspicuous by his absence is young Bobby McGee. Seems strange he wouldn’t be here, since he was so dominant in the area last outing.

Of The Possums who are here, the Mother/Daughter combo are present along with the third; a ‘new’ male who seems decidedly more aggressive than Bobby and has nuts the size of golf balls – visible everytime he stands upright. I dunno how he manages, dragging them around with him everywhere. His scrotum is pink and completely hairless, incidentally.



Now, if Bobby McGee appeared defensive of his territory, this new male – we’ll call him Guido – takes it to another level. While Bobby stood upright when other Possums approached his food, then charged them up a tree without contact, Guido gets within a foot, rears-up and then pounces. This causes a bit of hissing and grunting but still looks to be simply threat-displaying. Last night Guido and the Mother both did this territorial sparring, while the Baby Possum stayed a safe distance away.

Before that nasty young male came around though, I’d already fed the Mum/Baby pair about a half banana each. The Bubba cautiously approached and ate from my hand while I held it, while the mother – not so trusting as her youngster – hung back a bit and so I simply tossed the other half to her. Of course, like all kids her little one wasn’t happy with the half she’d already eaten on her own and promptly made her way to Mum who begrudgingly shared her half with her youngen, and so they ate the rest together – with Mum holding the food this time.

Of course the little Bush Rats are hopping around, capitalizing on their speed to snatch-up little bits and peices the Possums had dropped, and although I’ve read online that Brushtails will occasionally eat the odd Rat or other small animal I’ve never seen the Marsupials pay the Vermin any attention at all, as if the Rats don’t even exist in the Possums minds: though with tastier food on the menu, why would they care I guess.


Guido had just pounced from a nearby tree, right down onto the roof of my tent. Cheeky little sod. I’ve given him a few water crackers, thus making the end of the nightly Mammalian feed session, ’cause I gotta go to bed.

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