The Rainforest Journal: Outing #18 – Day 4

(Thursday 15-January-2015)

Juniors cheese-binge.

Is a bit of a shorter post today because merging all the naughty lizard events of today (Friday) with this post from yesterdays happenings would be a headache.

With another average night for Possums last night, I wake up this morning and – having dragged myself through the usual boring morning routine – I’m about to heat another coffee when I hear crunching outside the tent.

This, is Junior.

This, is Junior.

*crunchcrunch, drag. crunchcrunch, drag*

“Junior! Bro, how’s it fuckin hanging dood?”


“Maan, I dunno”, I frown and eyeball him, “I haven’t got much for ya today”.


“Hang-on a sec dood just wait there.”

Rummaging through my food just to be sure, I already know I don’t have any edibles he’d be interested in; I under-packed this week so I had pretty much fuck-all to begin with.

“.. yeah there’s nothin’ you’d like in here Bruh, and I didn’t cook pasta last night, let alone save any for you.”

He just looks at me.

“Yeah you give me that fuckin look whatever. Wait..”, I start unwrapping a slice of Kraft Chedder as I talk, “I don’t know whether you’ll even eat this but here, have a bash”. I frisbee the cheese out at him.

The hungry lizard look.

The hungry lizard look.

Bang, he pounces on it, tilts back his head and tosses it down his throat whole, “Ahhh reeeally okay you got it dood…”, I unwrap and toss another cheese slice.. Then another. Then another. He swallows them too quickly for photos, but swallow them he does.


The third or fourth one hits him smack in the head and he jumps two feet off the ground, runs a meter or two and then comes straight back to swallow that one as well.

“I never knew you liked cheese, Dood.”


“Yeah alright one more but you shouldn’t really be eating this shit, but I suppose if Broeski can eat a plastic bag the size of a dinner plate and rock-up months later looking as good as ever, then why not, right?”


“.. just don’t come crying at me if your shit goes runny”


“..runnier than usual, I mean. HO!”

He stares at me.

“Yeah I think you’ve had enough for today.”

He’s still staring at me.

“Okay one more, then that’s it.”

*flicky.. flickyflicky*

I end-up tossing him a few more, he eats them and then lays about like a fatty with a gut-full of junk food; standing and walking a few meters back and forth, here and there then lying as flat as he can; to soak-up as much of that sunshiney-goodness as he can.

Here come the lizard sleepies..

Here come the lizard sleepies..

...ahhh. And this is how he spent the rest of the afternoon.

…ahhh. And this is how he spent the rest of the afternoon.

Of course I cooked a huge pot-full of pasta for the Possums tonight, and like the previous nights Guido seemed to be the only one eating it – all of it.

I heard other Possums grunting from the trees, but no fighting around the tent or food. Whatevz.

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