May, 2015

Outing #30 – Water Water Everywhere

(Monday 8-June-2015) Tell ya what: just now, uploading some photos for the post I’ve gotta say that little Nikon compact camera was arguably the best purchase I made as far as gear goes. Mind you, none of the camping or hiking gear I’ve bought has let me down in any way – I researched the […]

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Outing #29: European Women and Log Cabins

Here we are again; surrounded by rainforest, in the middle of nowhere; Blowflies that just refuse to stop hanging ’round the tent are giving me the full-on shits.

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Outing #28 – Town, Women & Forest

(Monday 5-May-2015) Alright. Outing 28. These fucking journals just go on forever. They’re like an intrusion on my life, and I dunno how people keep dairies every day, year after year, religiously. This is the 136th journal entry. Having walked down only Friday – and considering the rain has been pretty much constantly falling since […]

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