May, 2015

Outing #30 – Water Water Everywhere

Monday, 8 June 2015 Tell ya what: just now, uploading some photos for the post I’ve gotta say that little Nikon compact camera was arguably the best purchase I made as far as gear goes. Mind you, none of the camping or hiking gear I’ve bought has let me down in any way – I […]

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Outing #29: European Women and Log Cabins

Here we are again; surrounded by rainforest, in the middle of nowhere; Blowflies that just refuse to stop hanging ’round the tent are giving me the full-on shits.

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Outing #28 – Town, Women & Forest

Monday, 5th May 2015 Alright. Outing 28. These fucking journals just go on forever: like an intrusion on my life, I dunno how people keep diaries every day, year after year, religiously. This is the 136th entry. Having walked down only Friday and considering the rain has been pretty much constantly falling since, I haven’t […]

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