Outing #38: The Reptile Returns

Though I only bothered to snap two pretty shit photos of the man himself, I can confirm that he hasn’t been eaten by dingos and has made his first appearance for the season.

Yesterday morning he was here at about 11:00am, and although I was very tempted indeed to crack-open a can of Spam then do the usual food-for-photos session, I couldn’t decide whether I really wanted to start encouraging him so quickly.

He is a destructive fucker after all. I haven’t been able to rectify the tent-door zipper since he tore his way through it last summer.

By the time I’d decided on giving him some food however, he’d already left the area; no doubt figuring he’d wasted enough sunlight hanging around me with no profit for his efforts.

My phone is still hungry

Not only am I running out of battery charges again, even with the new 20,100mAh pack, but my data is running pretty low this time too. I’ll have to look at ordering a decent wattage solar panel even though I don’t have much faith in their reliability. Even though I plan to order another 20A pack this week there’s only so many battery packs you can carry and I’ve already got about 4kgs worth of the fuckers.

I been charging one of the Power-Monkey 9,000mAh packs using the foldable solar panel came with it, but we’re talking like 5% per day charge-rate. Ridiculously, it’s taken three days in the sun to get the battery from 16% to 36% and that’s just fucking around for nothing in my eyes. In fact, if I want so low on power – with all the other packs now flat – I wouldn’t even bother putting it out in the sun each day at all.

Of course this solar panel is a small one and a larger 4-panel peice would probably do a more efficient job of things, but I just dunno: out here the sunlight is dappled by the upper-canopy and I simply don’t know whether a larger charger would really satisfy my energy requirements.

You’re most likely thinking that the simplest solution to the battery-depleting effects of using a smart-phone so much is to just not use the fucking thing so much, and while that would certainly provide a solution, you have to take into account that as a Generation X citizen of planet earth I grew up loving technology, and from the Commodore VIC20 I had in the 80’s that plugged into you’re *analog* TV I’ve watched computers progress: Amiga 500’s, Apple IIc’ s, IBM 386’s, Pentium 1 to 4’s, etc, etc, etcetera.

And now that I can hold a device in my hand that not only shits on all those devices of the past, but is as fast as the Core i7 laptop I have? Well I might love my phone a little too much sometimes, but I’ll be fucked if I’m about to return to writing with pen and paper, sending actual written letters to people and waiting for the 6 o’clock news just to find out what’s going on in the world.

Can you imagine writing over 140 journal entries the traditional way? How much paper id have to needlessly lug around? And how slow they’d be written?

I’ve never bought a single newspaper in my life outside of the Trading Post when I was looking for a guitar many years ago and now we have so many online classified-sites, who really has any use at all for traditional media these days?

Not me.

Hell, I even found out this week that I can edit all the Linux site files right from the web-editor; and locked-down my main .htaccess file before adding a few more – all from the comfort of my tent.

And so, as nice as it is to knit the winter hours away, carve little wooden beads by hand from exotic rainforest timbers and ponder plans to build log structures and cabins, being in the middle of the bush most of the time means your phone is your window to the world: Not only is it your lifeline should the God-of-bad-shit pay you a visit – causing you to need medical/emergency help – your phone keeps you abreast of news and current happenings, let’s you write and upload and other creative stuff and serves to keep you connected to human beings – albeit not always the most intellectual ones.

This is why power and data are so important, especially when you’re isolated from society in some way or another. You townies wouldn’t understand unless you came out here and did a similar thing, for you have power-points, TVs, DVD, laptops and wifi connections.

Anyway this was just a supplemental post I wanted to make to note the day the Lace Monitors started stomping around again. It was probably the beginning of September last year too.

The Rosellas

Pair of Rosellas let me take their photo yesterday too, in the afternoon. They’re pretty jumpy though – even for birds – but it’s the best chance they’ve do far given me to get a halfway decent, sunlit photo of em at close range.

Rosella: an actual photo of one of the shifty little fuckers from just a few meters away.

Rosella: an actual photo of one of the shifty little fuckers from just a few meters away.

There are a few more of the two together, but this is the closest and my data/charges are almost gone so that one’ll have to do.

And on a final note

Just a few moments ago, Martha snuck into view and her joey/baby is out of the pouch! About the size of a Rat and clinging to her back. It looks similar to Bobbi’s baby – who’s still following it’s Mum around – but because the Bobuck Possums look different to the Common ones, yeah.. It looks more like a little monkey than Bobbi’s did, I guess.

I tried for a photo but they were a bit far away and it just turned out a blur.

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