Outing #39: If a tree falls in the woods..


No Bushrat shit in the tent to clean up this time, and thus no holes to patch either woo!


The small shy male Bobuck is outside the tent at this very moment crunching-up Fruit Loops. It’s just gone dark.

Bobbi stopped-by but but didn’t have her joey accompany her this time. I looked around and couldn’t see the baby anywhere. She (Bobbi) seemed unusually jumpy and skittish tonight.


Fat Martha came by to gobble-up whatever she could find and donning her new baby like a cape.


Bobbi’s youngster finally made an appearance, and as well as visiting on their own tonight, this little possum is already starting to fight with the Bobucks over food. I still can’t tell whether it’s make or female – since i can’t see nutsack nor pouch yet, but it’s acting in an aggressive, male manner which is surprising, considering it’s only 1/3rd the size of the adults.

I hope it’s female though; females get to stay and share their mothers burrow or hollow; males get forced out of the area by other older males (read: Guido will kick the baby out – if turns out to be male – as he grows older).


A massive tree just feel down somewhere near here: Maybe 100-200 meters away I’ll guess. It was so loud, at first I thought it was a big roll of thunder rumbling overhead until I heard the thick crackling pops of wood breaking, then the whoosh of leaves and branches as it crashed to the ground.

It’s more common than people might think, huge trees just randomly falling out here, but always seems to happen the most when there’s a lot of rain which leads me to believe that rain-eroded soil is the culprit and – though this doesn’t help me too answer the riddle about falling trees making a sound when nobodies there to hear them – they make a fuckin BIG noise when I’m down here to hear them.

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