Outing #39: The wet Season is finally here


Didn’t wake up until about half an hour ago and it’s raining. My first thought, “Fuck i gotta get water it’ll be dark soon!” was immediately followed by “Fuck I gotta walk in the rain!” and then, halfway through the first coffee my brain caught up; realizing that i just had to stick a container out to catch some of this nefarious cloud excretion. The rainwater off the tent these days is horribly brown, but brown water is better than no water and brown water is better than walking in the rain for the good stuff from the creek.


It’s dark and I’ve collected enough dirty rainwater to at least last the night. It’s already cold so I’m in my sleeping bag while I wrote this and wait for the Possums to start patting on the tent door for snacks.

There are a lot of small, flying insects trapped inside the tent and I always feel sorry for them but because their so small I can’t just grab them and put them outside to continue on their way. I always try to free insects that wind-up in the tent but they’ve got to be large enough to handle without squashing. Beetles and spiders are the easiest to handle but these little flies are just too delicate to handle, so I’ve just gotta watch them fly around – trying unsuccessfully to escape

There’s the first rustling of a Possum now.


Guido just took a buiscut from me before walking away. I didn’t even know he was outside: just opened the tent door to let a little flying insect escape and there he is just standing in the dark, completely quiet like a fuckin weirdo. He’s getting bigger/chunkier and has a grey Tick inside his left armpit.

Guido 'lowers himself' to hand-feeding, how humiliating!

Guido ‘lowers himself’ to hand-feeding, how humiliating!

All the Possums frequently have Ticks on various parts of their bodies yet they always seem to disappear by the next visit. Whether the Possums remove them or they simply fall off I don’t have a clue.

Bobbi’s baby just left with a half a Milk Arrowroot buiscut too. Very cute to see how independent that little possum is when it’s still only the size of a kitten.

Just after writing that last short paragraph, Bobbi came to the tent door for some, so the whole Guido family have each – one by one – come and taken a buiscut each. Nice to see all three more or less hanging out together.

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