Outing #40: Happenings about town

Katoomba, NSW Australia 2780

Just for shits here is a list of events that transpired during the week, so I don’t have to use my brain any further for the remainder of the day.

  • Stayed at a pub for three nights, in my own room for $50/night.
  • Spent $750 in three days – most of which at the aforementioned pub – on poker machines and beer as well as take-out food.
  • Drank my share of beer each night at pub.
  • Had a chicken schnitzel and gravy counter-meal, which I couldn’t finish.
  • Used a knife and fork to eat for the first time in 9 months.
  • Washed clothes at the laundromat in town, because the pub doesn’t have facilities like that.
  • Whilst waiting at the laundromat for washing to dry, shared pizza with some random cattle dog in a ute.
  • Also while waiting for laundry to finish, an Indian dood called Jay – who I met previously at Katoomba Mountain Lodge while I was staying there – walked down to ‘catch-up’, but didn’t say much outside of ‘how’s things’ then, “Cool have a good one” before he walked away.
  • Became suspicious of Indian dood, surmising the ‘catching up’ was some rouse for something else.
  • Added Indian dood to my mental-list of “Suspect people” to keep an eye on.
  • Bumped into Creepy Pete (whose eyes still drip water like a leaky tap), while food shopping at one of the supermarkets.
  • Evaded Creepy Pete’s questions pertaining to the location of my campsite.
  • Argued with Creepy Pete, that there is quite a significant difference indeed, between killing a leech and killing a human-being, before informing him that he is completely insane.
  • Added Creepy Pete to my mental-list of “Suspect people” to keep an eye on.
  • Bumped into Simone; the foxy blonde from the last backpackers I stayed at. I got along great with Simone while I was staying there because she was the only desk-chick with a sense of humour. I also feel I should mention I spent plenty time out back smoking with her Indonesian fiance just so there’s clarification that I wasn’t interested in hittin’ on her: I got on great with *both* her and her dood.
  • Took a train to Faulkenbridge, just for the hell of it: I get a train to *any* other Blue Mountains town at least once each time I’m up, and try to visit towns I haven’t been to where possible, again, just for the hell of it.
  • Discovered Faulkenbridge sucks.
  • Had a hangover every morning except for today.
  • Helped an injured moth at the train station.
  • Showed animal photos to the Barmaids.
  • Got called ‘babe’ and ‘lovey’ by same barmaids.

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