Outing #40: YOU THERE! WOMBAT!


It’s just on midnight and I’m laying here reading about some pig-farmer who chopped-up 49 people, then feed em to the animals.

It’s hot even at this late hour and thanks to this aptly named ‘spring bug-explosion’ I’ve got dozens of flying insects inside the tent with me; I’ve only opened the door two or three times now to toss out some buiscuts for the Possums and each time I’ve unzipped it for just a few moments, a horde of bugs swarm at the light and thus – into the tent.

Right now, they’re walking on my phone’s screen and hitting my face – pissing me off. There’s SO many bugs, it sounds like rain pattering the roof constantly.

So I’m laying here reading, all the Possum regulars have come and had some buiscuts (except Martha and her joey and Bobbi’s Joey – haven’t seen them since I got here), and I figure that until Daisy comed clawing at the tent later, that’s it for the night – kitchen is now closed.

Them I hear this crunching that sounds well I dunno; sounded kind’ve like a possum, but not, yet I figure it has to be a possum that’s missed-out on buiscuts.

So I sit up and get my head-torch on, knowing that if there’s a possum out there who’s missed-out, I won’t get any relaxation until the little fucker has been given something, and unzip the door.

Immediately I’ve got so many bugs patting-at my face – walking up my nose, in my ears – but then I see this really rather big looking possum-coloured thing moving a few meters to the right.

I aim my head that way.

Took me a moment to realize what was strange about it: although the fur was exactly the same colour hey as the Possums, it was easily three times the size and of course, it had no tail. Well, it had a tail – a short, stubby, furred thing the same colour as the rest of it but anyway it was a wombat, and only the second one I’ve seen all this time too.

I tried tossing a few buiscuts in his general direction, but to be honest – just like the Wallabies and Koalas – I don’t think he’s too interested in the sort’ve food the Possums and I eat. Indeed, it seems most of the animals out here can’t be lured with easy food; they’re quite happy with their grubs and leaves and berries or whatever else they sniff-out around the forest.

I think he’d just come out of curiosity; to have a sniff around, and the whole time I watched him, he was pretty much simply walking slowly – ever so slowly – away; looked like he was doing his most uber-stealthy-panther-grade sneaky walk once he knew I was watching him.

The first wombat I saw was that monster one-meter thing that ran at my head – up near the top of the tourist trails – and that was only the first or second outing.

Since then, I’ve seen plenty of wombat shit (I’ll make a pint of getting a photo next time i walk past some), but never the wombat that drops it.

He wasn’t as big as the monster one either, thought he was much bigger than they Possums is hard to reference his size.. maybe about 60cm he looked like he would’ve been, and just over one foot tall at the shoulders/back.

Anyway that’s both a Koala and wombat I’ve seen in the past two weeks now – as well as the Possums, Goannas and birdlife. Not bad, not bad at all.

Incidentally, Bobbi’s Joey had just come to visit – on his own now – and Bobbi herself was here earlier; she’s preggers again, what a slut.

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