Flashback: The first campsite


With easily several thousand photos on my phone now, (copied-over from multiple devices), I often find myself distracted by older albums while trying to locate recent pics. I’ll start looking for a photo I took the other day I mean, and just wind-up spending half an hour in a completely unrelated older album/folder/gallery. This was taken with the Garmin Oregon 650T and the GPS alone has over 900 photos on it. Taken over a year ago during winter.

Though I’ve started this week’s journal entry, that’ll take a few days on-and-off before it’s done and posted, but I often find myself flicking through some of the photos I’ve taken and here’s one I haven’t posted.

I spent all last winter in this; completely open, bugs and shit crawling on me at night. At the time I didn’t know where I could pitch a tent, but this had a much smaller footprint – though no door, zipper or bug proofing at all – so I brought it down and strung it up as a make-shift shelter: I’d bushwalk all day back then,  looking for a decent place so I could bring down my proper 4-season tent. About 4 months I would’ve spent in this I guess 🙂

This was also where I first met the Marsupial Mice; they ended-up being so friendly they’d hop on me at night while I was trying to sleep, and even sit on my foot during the day if I sat still and didn’t make any sudden movements.

It was rougher then a real tent, but kinda nicer too since I didn’t feel enclosed.

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