Outing #43: Back to the bush

This outing will be a preliminary suss-it-out visit to the valley born of both necessity and preference: I have to sleep somewhere, and if I’m going to be alone I’d rather do it on my own terms.

I want privacy, I mean, and I’ll get a lot more of it out there than sleeping under a random building overhang in town.

I’ll finish writing this later: I’m still in town getting my 25L daypack organized as compactly as possible. 

I’ve also gotta stop at TAFE and charge my phone back to 100% before I leave and pray I can find at least one of the 20,000mAh li-ion power-banks I KNOW I charged fully before leaving the cabin on Cooper St.


Oh and while digging through my bags for the power-banks I also found my head-torch. 

Just waiting on the milk to freeze now. 

What else do I.. RIGHT! toilet paper: I deliberately waited until I got to Katoomba TAFE to get that, because all the government sites use Kleenex.



Down there we’re going.

I don’t usually write entries live like this because I get better results writing retrospectively, but we’re doing everything differently this time: no camp, no sleeping bag just a lightweight pack and worry about a bed at sundown.

I might buy a small one-man sorry one-person tent next week but it’ll have to be *small* and very easily packed and moved because I’m not arsing around in the same boring spot this time. 

I’ve got one day to gather the very minimum I’ll need for this outing, get it in the pack, make sure this phone gets a last full charging and walk out so I’ve gotta get organized, but first I’ve got to check-outta the bates motel. 

Like I said: nothings been home for years anyway.

Turns out, the owner of the hotel is Ray’s sister in-law. She told me, implying she must have asked about me away from the motel sometime in the two nights I was there.

Sneaky old bitch ๐Ÿ™‚

Before going to the chemist for some cold & flu tablets today I had no food whatsoever and 72c in the bank.

The women at the pharmacy – Rosemary and Kelly – upon being enlightened on my plans for the day gave me a tin of shortbread biscuits which is nice of them. I refused once, then recalled that it was only a month ago I was learning to make shortbread because they’re so high in calories and I was needing calories of any kind doing 12 hour days like that.

So I accepted them, though in all honestly they’re nowhere near as good as mine and may go to the possums if they don’t start tasting better pretty quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

I had to re-package them in a more pack-friendly format to fit the milk.

Take much longer to chew than bugs too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Echo Point

Same as always: 500 tourists cramming every inch of the railing runs around the edge, posing for selfies and waddling around licking fucking ice-creams.

Nothing to see here, downstairs we go.

The creek should be gushing, yet it’s barely running at all, but brown water is better than no water.

I’ve already eaten a few small flies and tried to catch a lizard on the way down. I’ll make a cold coffee and look for something photo-worthy to eat.

…right after this

..incidentally, this is after the climb down the giant staircase and that section of federal pass.

As if to prove me right about how right it is for me to eat other animals down here, I barely step foot on the trail and find this:

Someone clearly got trounced here. Why’s there no blood? Because nothing with blood on it is wasted here. 

The first night

These flies are driving me fucking insane: horse flies, blow flies, march flies iridescent flies every kind of fly on earth all trying to *get at me* EVERY TIME I pick-up my fucking phone ..I’ve killed about a dozen of the huge ones that bite, though a slap only stuns the dickheads – so I’ve been leaving them alive for the ants to drag around, fight over, and rip apart..

Yeah, I hit that one too hard and yeah I was disappointed I couldn’t watch him get eaten alive by ants. 

The ants crawling around the back of my neck and ears biting me are a relief compared to the flies.

I can’t even think until these little $@!#s fuck off. I’m eating the ants as they bite me, so they’re okay. 

..just heard me a roo pound the ground nearby. Come, on, night so I can start editing without being harrangued by these little arseholes.

Anyway tonight’s camp

Tonights bedding.

..and here’s me forgetting to pack sheets! Tomorrow I’ll find a different place. The moss is very comfortable by the way, even dry. 

Finally… Darkness

Finally, the mosquitoes have eased-off and the air has started to cool-down a bit. Now I can get baked without insects murdering my buzz, and I’m sure funnel-web breeding season is over: it was two months ago now they were walking around inside the cabin in town right in front of me.

No beakon regardless.

Not even enough credit on my phone to text or ring anyone – just 22c credit and 400mb data and I doubt the SES will respond all that quickly to an email ๐Ÿ™‚


Sunrise and Norah Jones ?

That’s right and a pretty good fucking euphemism now I think of it: much better than “420”.

6:30am and I’m already glued to the air-conditioner for the day – unless the flies drive me away. I’m been eating the mosquitoes I squash. 

Alright I slept like shit because I neither removed the rocks from the ground nor factored for the fact I’d move around OR that the moss would stick to my clothes like fucking velcro so I spent the night wanking around trying to get comfortable. 

Good thing I don’t have to do anything but sit on my arse all day. 

I’m about to have another since they’re pretty small, since I gotta pull it apart and mix it in the palm of one hand with my fingers.

I just had this photo pop-up: the Lifetime Album was a bad idea – twists the knife in, randomly.


And again.

You would’ve loved it down here โค

There’s a particularly vocal Lyrebird in the ferns behind me; nor imitating anything, just making those little pew-mip sounds they make while they fuck around scratching for bugs.

I’ll have to find a lizard to eat today: a little skink I don’t have to cook – bite it’s head off and show you before swallowing the rest. That’ll be something to do ๐Ÿ™‚

9:25am and walkers/joggers are already returning up the trail from walks what is wrong with them? ..fuckers always make me feel lazy because I’m always not walking or jogging like them.

..I’m hardly out of shape, if you disregard the smoking. 


This was a bad idea. 

Mostly, lack of preparation since I was emotionally motivated to walk out here with nothing – mostly to get attention from a certain woman – but also lack of common sense: I’ve lived down here two summers in a row – why would I be dumb enough to think some kind of bug-shelter would be unessecary? And how could I forget about the heat? 

All the town living the last few years has made me soft. 


It’s 2:15pm and still a bit hot to bother going down yet though, so I’ll wait until a bit closer to sunset to leave.

I’ve also got something for my “cold”, a quarter-ounce of cannabis, tobacco, vaporizers and liquid, and for dinner tonight: shortbread biscuits the girls gave me plus a litre of milk I’ve put in the staff room freezer to ..yeah, so it’s not yogurt by the time I get down there. 


..and sunscreen so I don’t get blistered by the sun literally.

Alright time to go because. 

I dunno how I managed to fill it so full I needed a padlock to keep the zips together but nothing else’s fitting inside it. 

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