Oh poor baaaby!!

Fuck. I’ve gotta go back down and get another photo of the baby pigeon back up with it’s parents: I was already back down there – I should’ve taken the photo then instead’ve pointing him out to some old woman and gloating about saving him.

Edit: Okay so all the pigeons have left the awning to eat before it gets dark I guess, because they were all over the ground but I could not see the baby I threw up there earlier.

Could’ve just saved myself the effort and looked when I went down there tomorrow.

Before I forget, and since I’m never going to write a full post for a single lizard, here’s a Blue-tongue that scurried past the other day while I was down near the grassy area. Big sucker.

And here he is hissing-out at the phone getting “too close”

I’ve been not only homeless, but sleeping “on the street” four nights – five tonight. Of course nobody would actually sleep on a street unless they could sleep through being mowed-down repeatedly by cars. 

With no money whatsoever I’ve been stealing food because it’s better than asking, and if stealing was good enough for my convict ancestors it’s good enough for me. I’ve also drank most of the healthcare workers milk each time it’s replaced and nearly finished two medium jars of coffee as they were replaced, plus some biscuits, ice-blocks, cans of soft-drink and a half a litre of custard Blue Mountains Radio had in the fridge from Christmas.

Honestly I can not believe they haven’t already fired me, but I’ve been right here at the TAFE the majority of the time for over a week now and nobody’s said anything about food to me. 

Oh I’ve also finished a full large “market value” tray of like, 40 sausages that was in the Radio’s freezer and really, apart from the 4 pack of single wafer biscuits and that bread roll days ago I’ve eaten almost entirely sausages every day, with iced coffee from my drink bottle to wash the meat down.

I don’t mind the sausages at all actually, though I can’t see any gained extra weight for all the eating them I’ve done.

Either way tomorrow’s payday so I’ll replace everything at 6:00am when the supermarket opens, so they’ll KNOW their stuff has been eaten because it’ll all be replaced with unopened packaging. Oh well.

The Carrington Hotel: built some 200-odd years ago to-order by Lady Carrington herself. Got that Rose Red thing happening. There’s even a picnic clearing in Leura Forest named after her.

Edit: the Carrington by day.

Tell ya, the more I see the service areas of this hotel the more I wish I worked there: all you’ve gotta do is look inside that back gate and well, it’s like looking into a small alley in old London; every wall is made of sandstone that’s been there since the Carrington was build. Obviously in the Victorian era and what the fuck is there NOT to like about the architectural design of that period.

The chimney is no longer used, but just to have something that epic on a hotel. You can see from pretty much everywhere in town.

The front of the hotel is almost constantly being cleaned, repainted or otherwise restored and fixed to look as good as new, but as pretty as that public face of the building is, the paint is TOO white; the outdoor furniture on the patio is TOO new and a million other little things pop-out at you that show it’s not how it used to look: like slathering make-up on when it isn’t needed to begin with.

The back of the hotel though: that’s off-tap it’s so spooky-in-period.

If you disregard the stupid sedan some idiot employee parked up that driveway, you wouldn’t be able to find anything that looks like it was recently repaired and yet everything looks there – no holes in the wall covered by plastic tarp, no plastic at all as a matter of fact and it just looks completely as it should. 

I was conceived in the Carrington. 

Why am I writing about all this bullshit?

Fast-foward to this afternoon.

Back to the bird

I cut through the car park at our local woolies supermarket when I open a fire door to get outside and almost step right on him.

Poor thing. Imagine having to spend the whole day in that filth.

Naturally, I did the most logical thing any predatory species would when trying to calm a frightened prey animal: picked it up and started patting him. 

..there ya goooo: physically restrainted and hand-raped but he was not exactly breaking bones to get away.

And such a good bird! Didn’t shit on me once!

Quick look around revealed several adult pairs of similar looking pigeons spread along the length of the awning above where the bird and I stood, so of course I asked the adult birds who this baby belongs to, and what they plan on doing about him.

Edit: I said it quietly enough so nobody would hear of course – only a lunatic would say anything loud enough for other people to hear, in public, to a pigeon.

They bobbed their heads and looked down at us but did nothing at all. 

I asked the adult birds what sortta fucking parents they are and told them they were cunts for just sitting up there like that.

The baby bird just made these cute little squeeking sounds throughout the ordeal until he got loose and flew back into the homeless persons hole in the wall again. Did that several times, but I got him back easy enough.

After several more grabby encounters I finally calculated that nursing him under my shirt while I take him back to TAFE with me to care for would just be a bad idea generally, so I found a solution that would both keep the baby bird off the ground and prevent me from carrying it around everywhere I go (I’ve already got the daypack – that’s quite enough).

I let the bird escape and fly back down into the doorway entrance yet again while I had a smoke and decided how I’d get the bird back up with it’s parents.

Though my ipad considers this image a “moment”, I certainly do not but I’m getting a major hard-on for sausages lately. Helps that – without money – they’re the only food at all I’ve got access to.
And here is tonight’s dinner. I had those sausages today too though so I’m not hungry.


It’s the next day now, and I’ve been to Woolies twice: once at around 6:30am when I couldn’t see any pigeons around on the awning and again this afternoon. 

I’m pleased to announce he’s still up there and looking quite alright 🙂

Okay he was very difficult to get a photo of since I couldn’t get higher or closer to him and he’s as close as he probably wants to be to the edge of the awning, but I’m pretty sure that’s our bird, because that’s where I hurled him yesterday. There was also one of the parents with him but the adult was out of sight when this was taken.

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