7th night straight on the street

I don’t even bother going away from buildings to smoke my drugs now: hold it in a bit longer and blow less out. I’ve even started smoking the shit right outside the library. Nobody says a thing 🙂

The weather this evening.

It’s not so bad – it’s wet but I’m under cover and it’s mild and breezy. Bit sad the rain has stopped now actually.

Like camping without the tent, and much closer to town: since there’s only the Carrington between me and the main street – like, 200 feet and bang! I’m on the main street. 

The supermarket is just across the road!!! 🙂

Tonight’s food allocation is 4 cooked stolen-sausages, 2 Tasty cheese Le Snaks, 12 or so crackers and one small tub of hommus dip.

Dinner. Since I’m trying to gain weight, I’ll eat all this before I go to sleep.

Prior to the food in the above photo I’ve also eaten over half a litre of honeycomb and butterscotch ice cream, about half a litre of custard and two hot-cross buns slathered in butter. 

I’ve gotta start eating, I’ll finish this later. All these posts about living on the street can be filled-out later: for now I’m just trying to get a few photos uploaded into a post each day so I can recall that day when I edit them smoooooth.


I’ve only got the sausages to go now and again tonight, Ive nuked them in the microwave wrapped in paper towels a few layers thick, then left them a bit to cool off before discarding the now oil-soaked paper towels, re-wrapping them in new ones then wrapping the lot in a plastic shopping bag so they don’t get stuff in my bag greasy.

They turn out pretty good this way considering there’s hit not even a plate required to easy them: just rip a hole in the end of the paper towel wrapping the sausages and get out – like we used to when hot chips came all bundled in paper and you ripped open the end to “stop the chips going soggy”. 

Size of a fucking mouse and it won’t stop coming at me. Right at me and it makes this russling noise that’s annoying in itself. SH-KA-SH-KA-SH-KAH .. SH-KA .. SH-KA-SH-KA – fuckin thing I tossed him over the other side and he even hit the concrete with a meaty sounding thud fuck off you FREAK!

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