Still homeless, but nicely tanned

I even have new veins on that channel on the edge of my groin. Both sides.

.. new veins in my shoulders and much more pronounced veins in my arms, just by mopping large rooms every day for years. Silly bitch; I’m not just thin from being malnourished: my body has adapted over years to suit the work it’s doing.

You know, I’m just standing here admiring my own shirtless form, but thinking my sides are too pale and I should’ve tanned them too, when I realized all you dickheads saying I’m too thin – that I need to gain weight – well you’re just idiots.

Women telling men they’re too thin is just like men telling women they’re too fat, except the woman usually is fat while the man is anything but thin. What the fuck’s with that?

And all those little pointy finger-like bits? My ex-girlfriend would have me believe they’re bone not muscle; given half a chance 🙂

I don’t need to know anything about fitness – and trust me, I don’t – to know that logically, there are only two kinds of weight I can gain: fat or muscle. Fat is all I’m eating for at the moment and that’s only because I know that with $10 left from last weeks’ payday, I’ll be starving again soon enough so I’ve gotta stuff as many calories in me as fast as possible, but gaining muscle means straining existing muscles until they snap then repair larger and what the fuck would I want that for? I’m a cleaner and cleaning is a cardio activity – if that, so regardless the TYPE of weight I gain a) I’ll only work it off again and b) be slower since I’d simply be carrying more weight around with me that’ll turn into fat anyway since I’d have to lift weights to gain muscle and god almighty – what a fucking fake thing to do: go to a gym to pump weights so you can look like you need to be twice the weight you should be, straining your heart, your lungs, your joints – all so you can pretend you have some reason to be twice the size you should be, when they only reason is you just love mirrors too much. Not that I’m one to criticize, but I’m logically better off fit and toned, than heaving for breath at 160kg of solid meat when the botton line as far as the truth goes is I’ll still be alive when you’re dead because I”m not wearing myself out like a human racehorse.


Yeah excuse me for NOT covering myself out of shame.

I’m nearly fat free just from doing a physical job and walking everywhere, and I’m a perfect weight for shit like mopping, vacuuming and all the other tasks cleaning entails: the fact I’m carrying less weight simply means I’m faster and don’t tire so quickly. Something wrong with that?

Could also be ( we all know it’s true this) because I haven’t already “bred”, so I’m still driven to attract a woman – opposed to having already “gone to seed” like a flowering plant – it’s just the life cycle. 

Biologically, a switch gets flicked when you’ve had kids and the aging process accelerates because you’ve served your purpose on the earth and the earth now wants you to fuck-off and die faster so more resources can be allocated to the next generation.

You’re body doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but it doesn’t have any choice anymore than any other living thing because that’s just natures rules and all life on earth has evolved over millions of years, and every species – flora and fauna – have no biological say in the matter: once you’ve reproduced, you’ve served your purpose to your species as far as nature is concerned and you start wearing-out much faster than those who haven’t, because they’re still naturally and biologically driven to find a way to make their DNA remain on the planet and haven’t done it yet. People with children are ‘content’ generally with life now because they’ve done what they were born to do and it’s game over.

That’d be my guess as to why the body would have such a switch. 

Right there..

And later…

Oh, here’s dinner tonight. 

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