Day 10 and back to nothing

Monday today and I’ve just spent the last 0.50c of the whopping  $416 from last fortnights pay. $100 went on drugs, about $50 on tobacco and the rest I spent on food – trying to gorge myself for today since I knew it was coming.

Easy to say $400 should buy food for a week when you have a kitchen fully stocked with all the trimmings and condiments, but without a kitchen you’re constantly buying disposable everything: milk, bread, just the most basic shit you cannot carry around with you and you cannot store it how it needs to be stored – you’ve got to eat fresh food quickly, and fresh food is what you need not only fo nutrition’s sake, but because it’s a quarter the price of pre-packaged shit.

Nice and sunny at least.

Nice medowy photo – why not.

Yesterday, as well as signing-up for Google Analytics, I sent the Carrington an expression of interest application with my resume, police clearance and working-with children clearance, plus a paragraph or two telling them how awesome I am.

Here’s some of yesterday’s photos..

This morning I had to go to work on time because the old fart gets back today, and I expected the usual outbursts from down the hall about his precious toilets not being up to scratch, but no no; he was remarkably calm.

The holiday in Las Vegas has educated my 70 year-old co-worker on nasty: he seemed pretty excited to announce “They got these sluts on the street there.. 🙂 can buy a photo with em! ..Tits hangin out ‘n all they just walk around on the street! :)”.

“Yeah, you get a photo with em? ..wife wouldn’t let you get away wi..”.

“Nah they’re skanky fuckn things you wouldn’t wanna”

He also told me – curiously – that in the states there’s nothing about Trump on TV whatsoever.

I’ll finish this later – gotta find tobacco now. 


Some women comes and knocks on the – locked – sliding glass doors down the other end earlier. I was only down there to change my shirt  (since I’ve got the black and grey work pants on it’s only logical I’d go with the black merino top and incidentally, I’ve decided to return to not wearing underwear).

I’d just pulled the other top off when I see a massive shape moving in my peripheral vision, then hear a banging on the doors and look.

This huge woman is standing there: thump, thump, thump.

** Mmm **

I figure she’s about the right build to be any one of the admin staff, so I’d best go let the fucker in.

I put my shirt on as I’m walking to the door and the moment I unbolt the latch and slide the glass panels apart she speaks, and I know instantly she’s no employee of the college.

Speaking like she was both chewing something sticky and in slow-motion she asks me if there’s a toilet she can use and she’s clearly too useless to be employed by anyone let alone as admin staff, anywhere.

I tell her “yeah, in that door back there and down the stairs”, then slid the door shut and bolted them again. I see there’s a large black van with blacked-out windows parked outside. 

Now just a few minutes ago the black van is back, and although I didn’t get up to look how many there were it sounded like a football team thumping around and all four bathroom doors within earshot opening and closing all at once. 

I’ve got a headache. I’m going to drink water and sit outside to sunbake.




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