I’ve given two weeks notice.

Today’s itinerary is:

– have a shower here at TAFE. 

– walk around the unpopulated areas of town for smokes.

– return to TAFE and sunbake the rest of the day away with black coffee since that’s all I’ve got to eat. 

What else do you do but sunbake when you’ve got nowhere to go/live, no food, no money and get no help at all from the government because you earn your money instead of sponging benefits from centrelink? 

Oh and you’re payroll desk-bitches don’t return your call, the woman who’s supposedly loved you for years goes out of her way to make you feel unwelcome anytime you’re with her and your family are losers, there’s 10 days until payday and you got nothing and nobody? 

None of that makes me any less awesome you understand: just darker towards the passively-kind stuck-up pretentious cunts I cross paths with so often. 

I go inside the TAFE to fill my bottle about an hour ago and my Area Manager is in there doing an inspection. 

Asks me have I finished for the day?


‘Do you often come here after you’ve finished work for the day?’

“Lately I do, yeah”

I go outside and decide a walk would be good, then change my mind and return to the campus to wait for her since payroll just ignored my call. 

They gave me a warning not to be here outside of 4-8am so I’ve got no place all day now – not even a toilet to use. 

I’ve just text both bitches asking how I can find out how much leave I’ve got and told them both I’ll happily quit if there’s a few weeks there. 

Payroll still aren’t answering the phone or replying to any messages I leave. Ray tells me they’re in India so it’s fucking surprise. 

I just text my supervisor and told her I’m resigning regardless – just bring me your ipad to sign. 

Let some other dumb fuck get up at 3am every day to get raughted on pay.

I need to email it. 

Waiting for her to give me the address.

I have officially resigned and finish in two weeks.

There are plenty of cleaning jobs in the world.

Knew tasmania would win; there’s nothing here for me. 


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