Outing #45: You women at the church are lovely ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘ต

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I know I know. He’s a decent size too.

Day 1 – Friday – 23 February 2018

Yesterday first, though it’s 5:06am and I’m not going to be settled long enough to write yet; I’ve gotta pack up last night’s stuff.

In town I adhere strictly to the ‘leave no trace’ camping ethos, and knowing where every camera is I can come, go and move around freely in the remarkably large blind-spots: half the campus is completely camera free, matter of fact.

I went down to the church yesterday to talk to Rosa and see if I could arrange a large quantity of powdered milk.

Standing outside the Telstra exchange though, reception was so good I ended-up spending an hour just standing there fixing typos and spelling mistakes in recently posted entries before I went in to look for her.

She was just in the driveway so I didn’t have far to look and I walked over and asked her whether they’ve got any powdered-milk, “2 kilos I’d like ideally: I’m going back to Leura Forest and I plan to eat mostly coffee and extra creamy milk while I’m there. It’s concentrated fat and protein in liquid form, how much more efficient could food get?”

She told me sure come in she’ll have a look then asked me for my number so she could check-in and see I’m still alive, then a minute or two later I’m in the kitchen and a girl called Bernadette is looking up at me, eyes wide as saucers, in firm disagreement with my opinion that really all I need for a few days at a time is milk for it’s fat and protein, sugar for energy and coffee as an appetite suppressant and stimulant – all in one filling creamy drink, “I wasn’t hungry at all the last few days while I had milk and coffee; start feeling a bit hungry? Just add more powdered milk so it’s creamier – *…hunger sorted”. She told me in all sincerity that I can’t just eat protein, that you can have too much, “You’ll get sick! You must eat vitamins too! Vitamins and minerals! You have to!”

She then went to the cupboard and got out both bags of powdered milk, and several packets of those dehydrated camping meal packs, a box of carmens meusli, ..

“This?”, she asks me.

“Sure yeah that’s good that’ll..”

“Go with your milk. :)”

“Yeah, yes. Yes it will :)”.

She hands it to me and continues looking for additional camping-friendly foods.



Friday morning and I’m sitting here drinking one of the last hot, cafe-proper coffee’s I’ll see for a while and organizing my internal camping checklist to go down into the valley this afternoon, when it occurs to me: it’s amazing how fast a human-being can adapt to a given situation.

Two weeks ago the thought of sleeping on a slab of cold concrete in town seemed like the end of the world. Now, I’ve got a daily routine around it and although I’ve gotta say that staying in town, homeless, day-after-day, night in and out started to depress me a bit, I’ve also gotta say that for the fuckin’ life of me I cannot understand how some of these homeless people can just sit around on the street all day doing nothing but asking passers-by for spare change and smokes. Really, there are better, more efficient ways of getting both.

There’s always something better to do than that. Anything is better than just sitting there all day staring at the ground all day: depressed or fucking not.

Nooo! My sleeping-bag’s still back there! ..gotta get it before everyone arrives for work and the GA starts at 9:00am: he uses the shed right in front of where I store my shit!! ..be right back.


The day has only just begun and I’m already deeply annoyed.

Going back to get the sleeping-bag I’ve crouched-down to creep under this ugly, ugly bush when the fucking thing’s skewered my outer black merino shirt and torn a hole the size of a fucking tennis ball in it.

I hear the fabric tear even with music cranked in my headphones and both ears plugged, immediately look at the damage to my shirt and start stomping and the branch on the spot, then realize: ** Shit! ..teachers should already have arrived for the day. There’ll be people here any second! .. sleeping-bag bro. **

“You’re dead in a minute”.

True to my word I jumped the fence, landing with a perfectly clipped “thud” – because I’m getting great at controlled landings, grab my sleeping-bag then scaled the fence again and continued yes, removing that branch from the rest of the tree.

The thought occurred to me that if this sounds like I’m making a lot of noise to me with music playing in my ears, must be pretty loud for the neighbors still lying in bed 20 meters across the road, but I was too angry to give a shit – that was the last black merino shirt I had with NO holes in it.

*…Julia rant; Rosa storage; *…Takeli kitchen;



I’m at the base of the giant staircase and nearly stopped sweating because the extra weight is making it a lot harder coming down this time: I’d have to have about 10kg in my pack as well as a large black garbage bag with another 3-4kgs to carry by hand so I really just want get down there so I can get this shit off me, mix some coffee and dry off before dark: it hasn’t rained and won’t today, but I look like I’ve been rained on – hair, skin, shirt are drenched with sweat and my tops were already smelling bad before I started walking downstairs.

Carrying the extra weight though – it’ll be great for my shoulders. ..might even grow more new veins ๐Ÿ™‚

I still have to do todays entry, but that can wait until I’m there and unpacked and sorted, then I’m recap the day that was.

Until then – I’ve finally started drying-off again.


I’m here, and so are the leeches. .. and I was just thinking how cool it is the creek’s running so much fuller after the recent rain..

You wouldn’t believe these disgusting things are related to the common earthworm – but they are. I torched it with my lighter. Pretentious hippies can fuck off about species diversity: they’re parasites that should be irradicated.

Hang on it’s 6:34pm, so I’ve got what, 1 hour of light left: I’ve gotta go and get the routine activities done before I need a torch to do everything ๐Ÿ™„

Day 2 – Saturday – 24 February 2018

Saturday morning and runners are aleady running past here and there, saying good morning. The sky filled with light fluffy strips of cloud and hopefully stays that way, though I’ve not seen a solid beam of sunlight in the hour I’ve been up: it is 7:34am.

I’ve still gotta do the last two days, but as usual I fell asleep before doing that last night, and now I’m down here, the battery-charge countdown is on.

When all my stuff is flat there’s no point being here because if I cannot make a record of some kind of it I’m not so interested, because days are very long if you have nothing to keep yourself engaged and there’s not a lot else you really *can* do in a world heritage national park other than walk and observe so you have to bring the mentally engaging activities with you and mines writing whatever comes to mind – out here it’s peaceful enough that you can focus your thinking because the animals aren’t any distraction at all. Well honestly the Cockatoos get a bit much once they start screeching, but all the other animals blend-in like audio wallpaper.

Like torn cotton, but not.

Making coffee’s a pain in the arse since I didn’t bring any jars I can spoon things into and shake, so I’ve gotta spoon it into the mouth of a little iced-coffee bottle and getting it all in there doesn’t happen every time, making me concerned I’ll be neck-deep in ants.



If those little weavels get into your flour and stuff in the pantry got this big, they’d mow through your food in a week.

Most of the runners and walkers appear to have already come back up the mountain, so I can go and wash once the last few come back.


Confirmation that we have our first animal regular. Since he’s the only animal we needn’t bother with a name.


There are still runners coming up the mountain. They’re starting to bug me because they interrupt my train of thought because most say hi, which is nice but distracting.


It’s looking like there’s going to be rain, but not, then yes, then no. Think I’ll just get ready to dump everything in a gar… no I can’t do that..

You see the problem..

It’s already started raining lightly and I can hear thunder to the east, though sitting through a thunderstorm right here in the greenest bit might be an ‘experience’.. wait! .. the rain has stopped for now.

The weather app doesn’t seem to think there’ll be rain until about 6:00am tomorrow morning, but the weather is often wrong BUT, I’d much rather sleep in the grass than a sandstone overhang with fine clay silty dirt all over everything. Mm. Decisions.


Here’s the rain again.

If it’s on and off lightly I don’t mind, just please don’t start pissing down on me.

I’ll edit all this readable as I come back to it, right now I’m just looking at the sky and listening.

The thunder’s moved right overhead, but there’s no lightning and the sky has lightened. Still raining – lightly – but I’ve put all my stuff in two garbage bags so on only I get wet.


Quick as it started the rain has stopped, there’s blue sky, the creek is running louder and everything is wet.

Fuck, there are baby leeches everywhere.. torching them off but there’s another and another..

Let’s hope it stays looking like that. I’ve gotta make sure there’s no leeches in my clothes. Disgusting things.


The Lyrebirds have just informed me – with those end-of-rain songs they do – that the storm has passed and I made a good call staying through the rain. I got only minimally wet because I was standing upright on the spot, instead of walking diagonally into it, so really only my shoulders and upper top-section got wet and even that was dry after half an hour or so.

Since then however the sun’s moved so there’s none down here at all and the place has cooled-down enough to be uncomfortably cool, so over my now dry grey shirt I’ve put both the black merino and cream synthetic tops and because everything’s wet I’ve done a half-arse McGyver and made my own small but dry spot.


I even went to the effort of removing the grinder and other drug paraphernalia before taking the photo ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I’ve still got 2 hours of light and I’ve squelched my way through the baby-leech infested muddy creek and have enough water until the morning, ..hang on.


It’s almost too dark to see but I just SAW a large tree fall over like what, maybe 40 meters around the corner. Heard a large *CRACK*, looked-up and saw this big black silhouette backlit by the dusk-blue horizon just, fall down and crash into the forest. Won’t be any cars able to drive past that without having to get out the chainsaws and remove it first.

Last night I heard another tree crashing into the forest and although I didn’t see that one at all, it was a fucking HUGE tree: the sound of it crashing down was so loud it echoed off the whole corner of cliff-faces around scenic world or at leat thst’s where the echo sounded like it came back from. so slow falling too wow.

Glad I wasn’t under either of those trees.


Day 3 – Sunday – 25 February

It’s 6:23am and the sun is starting to rise, and I’ve left all my shit back there in garbage bags and walked along the service trail back towards Leura: just up a hill so I can see the skyline really.

One hour ago I was peacfully sleeping when the rain starts splatting my face like drops of cold spit. Approximately one minute later I was up and putting my shit in the garbage bags; I’ll bring more than two, in future.

The mosquitoes are starting now.

Yeah let’s see you get a decent photo of a sunrise with a wet, $199 mobile phone with a shattered screen. Worth the walking and fucking ’round with the camera ISO though: Jurassic Park, suck it: this isn’t a CGI movie rendering; I’m standing inside an actual prehistoric lake where dinosaurs really did swim, fly and walk and hunt in and around. Fuck that’d make a great series of paintings.

It’s 7:15am and still not raining so we’ve got the first coffee for the morning sorted and I’ve just told the Universe I need it to behave for another hour or two and keep the clouds .. light.

I have GOT to start eating better shit than this…

Gawd I got so much catching-up to do still.

Done none of that though.


It’s still not raining, but the Cockatoos have gone back to their trees and the clouds above are beginning to slow to a crawl overhead: it’s going to rain.

Everything’s packed and ready to leave if it starts doing anything more than spit mist, though my sleeping-bag is rolled-up wet – thanks to that sunrise wake-up shower – so it’ll be completely damp when I get it out tonight.

Sorry about the inane weather obsession, but it’s not an abstract elemental out here: I’m not looking out my window from the comfort of my warm, dry house wondering if I’ll have to cancel a sunny day of outdoor fun: if if rains out here I get wet and cannot get dry again until the air is dry again, so it’s a very pragmatic consideration, especially now summer’s gone and nights are getting colder and aside from that: do I really have to fountain profundities every time I write?

No, the answer is no I don’t, and cannot be reflective or insightful while I’m being rained-on or I’m flat-out goin’ all haulocast on baby leeches: I’m flat-out burning them all and my lighter’s half empty.

Have to bring two lighters next time.

Is not possible to write anything anyway when the phone’s screen is wet: they do not function wet.

Hang on I’ve gotta go wash my face: I can feel the grimy build-up of multiple days of aeroguard mixed with sweat.


I’m back up in the escarpments undercover. Been here an hour now and I’ve gotten stuff out, put more milk in my coffee and boring shit like that. I’ve also changed into two of the three dry shirts I’ve got still so I’m relatively comfortable.

Had my dry shirts on about an hour too, and I’m still being interupted by leeches and tourists: I’ve gotta stop and burn off my pants. 

The leeches, not the tourists; sadly.

I waited down there a pretty good while, but I knew the rain would set-in sometime soon: I watched the clouds first moving fast overhead, then get slower, slower, then the cockatoo started returning to their trees and squawking like sundown is comin, then the clouds slowed until they were barely moving and the first drops of rain started right about then.

Rain is predicted for days so I’ll probably be stuck in the overhangs until Tuesday if I want to wait that long for some sunshine. Not like there’s anything to go up there for apart from food and other consumable crap so we’ll see.

Battery flatness and/or hunger are the only things to go back upstairs for now.

See now these two cute chicks have stopped at the overhang because it’s dry – which is fair enough – but here come some more and cute chicks or not the tourists just never stop up here: gets pretty annoying – I don’t come down here to to hi and socialize with people I’ll never meet again fuck what a waste of energy – having to talk to them.

There’s another one, five in that last group and it’s pissing rain: who’d plan a daywalk in shit like this? Fuck is wrong with you idiots.. got the option to uh, right.

Tomorrow’s monday though, and generally the weekdays only have 10% of the numbers out here on the top trails, and if it’s still raining most of those will not feel much like it either.

Anyway it’s too wet to go down where it’s peaceful, and not peaceful where it’s dry. I believe that’s a conundrum, though I can’t ever see a word like that making it into my daily vocabulary.

Only a wanker says words like that out loud. ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of overhangs..

Sure they are just dusty old cliff-faces now, but back a few million years ago a cave like this was cover for some monster, fifteen meter eel: waiting under the roof in the dark for some monster two meter fish to swim near enough to lunge out and snatch.

Above me, dinosaurs swam in the huge prehistoric lake that it used to be and yeah fuck imagine that shit.. we humans would be mice-sized snacks compared to the shit getting round then.

The blonde chick just found a leech on the inside of her thigh ๐Ÿ™‚

“What is THAT!”, she says, then starts with a flick which fails because leeches suction on, so she’s tried picking it off quickly without touching it too much, which also failed, then she’s on her feet flicking at it and it won’t let go so she’s tried plucking it off but it stayed stuck ..Ugh!” .. “Vot iz it yuck!”.

She finally got it off, but it’ll be on her shoe again in a minute – the forest is crawling with leeches ’cause of the rain. I also told her to check her socks when she gets back to town – that’s where they’ll be ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s raining again so I’ve got my water bottle doing the work to save me going to the little spring for water. The little spring is only about fifty meters away, but I’ll get drenched goin there and then I could no longer reply, “dry” to tourists sloshing past drenched when they ask how I am.

…took a while but I didn’t have to do anything. Don’t worry about the colour: it had leftover coffee and milk in it. The water is crystal clear and really; how much healthier can water get than fresh rainforest rainwater.


It’s 5:28pm and I’m I’ve done sweet fuck all since I got to the overhang other than talk to a few – actually entirely – german tourists and make a coffee, smoke and see how much I can get out of the little mouth-to-lung vaporiser: a frankenstein job, it’s only about the size of a tube of lipstick, has a tiny atomizer and I re-wound a new coil for it last night before it got dark.

That’s refill number two going on in the background, and since it’s already over the label I’ll pack-up in a minute and go whn it’s, what, 3/4 full.

See how I combined the vapeorizer and water bottle into one photo? Saved myself getting up and saved the page from another photo of the water bottle ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m at the other overhang but I’m not at all happy about this feeling I’ll be confined here because of rain. I can’t go up because there’s nowhere I can get dry and can’t stay by the creek because of the rain, and although I don’t exactly bushwalk while I’m at the creek, I still have the ledge on the water side to use as a table once I’m awake and had morning coffee(s) but here? All I can do is either stay dry under the stone or go out there and get wet.

What I wouldn’t give right now for someone tell tell me to “Come home; that’s enough of that”.

Last place I felt at home was Adelaide, what, 5 years ago now.

That fine silty dust will stick to everything tonight but at least I’m dry. It never gets wet under here, clearly, or there wouldn’t be all this horrid fuckin dusk everywhere ’cause it would’ve been washed away!


DAY 4 – Monday – 26 February

I’m not even getting out my sleeping-bag for the photo – I’ve already gotten wet twice for water: that’s the day we have.

The downside is it’s cold, wet and miserable: even with three tops on it’s cold when I’m out the sleeping bag, which I’ll get out of if it starts to warm-up.

The upside is it’s cold wet and miserable, which should make the few tourists wanting to walk down here on a weekday reconsider: if it’s this cold down here where it’s protected by the cliff-faces, up top it’ll be freezing – they’ll have the wind too – and I don’t imagine many will even be at Echo Point today because it’s just too cold and wet.

I’m on my second coffee, but have run out of papers completely and almost run out of tobacco, so I’ll have to come up tomorrow for more – unless it’s raining since I cannot get dry once I’m in town either.

Gotta go get more water, hang on..


Not a single walker so far, which is good, though I’m thinking that if the clouds clear by tomorrow morning, I can go back down the creek where everything is green and beautiful – except those white metal posts. Posts that just two days ago I was giving serious consideration to pulling out and tossing down the hill – and none of this dust.

Also, I want to wash myself and my clothes before I go back up, and can’t do it here, yet I’m not going to have time to wash and dry clothes tomorrow if I plan to come up then, so I’ll stay out here another night.

Perfect logic.

A little yellow-breasted robin just came and has hung around the tree in front of me a bit before flying to the ground about two feet away nd pecked something – nasty no doubt – off the ground.

Y’know, hmm..

Forth bottle of water I’ve had to just get, and this hole in the wall – sorry “natural spring” – is the only place around here.

Okay I don’t like being in a fucking cave anymore; spiders and other light-fearing grubs and shit live in caves: I do not.

Golem lives in fuckin’ cave ugh.

Mostly though, you just don’t camp in the overhangs and I haven’t done it since I first came down here about 4.5 years ago and had no idea where to pitch a tent. Soon as I found the fire-trail I started looking for a campsite to put that awesome feat of engineering.

I need a tent.


The walkers have started; all europeans out in their plastic $2 ponchos drenched anyway.

No I need a building then a tent, but you know living alone isn’t any kind of home – just a box you pay rent on to stay dry and have power and convenience; it’s having someone there to go home too that makes it a home, and no amount of rent can buy that regardless.


The last of the walkers walked by about an hour ago now, and it was clear for two hours or so but it’s raining again of course.

Fuckin’ DHL guy refuses to leave my coffee & cream and mango e-liquid at the post office so I’ve now gotta ring him at lunch to arrange to meet, which is alright really, since I’ve already decided to go upstairs tomorrow, but if he’d just leave it at Aus Post gawd ..useless.

Hope the rain clears tonight.

Sunny weather I want ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve found a ‘pro mode’ in the camera options that let’s me change the iso to shut-out the excess white-light from the sky. Means less greyish photos.

That Carmen’s muesli, with extra powdered-milk is entirely edible.

A beautifully tailed Lyrebird just came squeeling on and off, just beneath the clearing on the trail, then walked up here, walked right past the end of the sleeping bag to cross the cave before finally climbing uphill a bit and continuing the squeel they do: the rain is over for now.

Don’t know how they know.


Day 5 – Tuesday – 27 February


I’m almost packed to go upstairs: don’t wanna miss-out on my coffee & cream flavored nicotine liquid – it’s got cows on cover it must be good ..music first.

..or the mango juice for that matter – I only chose that one because I miss that obnoxious over-scented mystic mango my landlord gave me to try when I got my first vaporizer.


I’m at the base of the Giant Staircase mixing more coffee for the walk up went down come a group of gawd wouldn’t have been less than 15 oldies start down the last flight: knuckles white from grasping the rails so hard .. baby-steps, uh oooh carrrreful.

Few seconds later we’re standing there looking up as one of the old men loses his footing and falls the rest of the way down: I don’t just mean tripped, I mean he literally toppled and rolled hitting the wooden edge of every step on the way for the last 10 steps.

** Ouch.. oh yeah fuck ay … **

.. moments later an old woman trips and topples down too – before the group had even finished asking the first if he was alright.

I offered a joke about gravity doing the work for them ..nobody thought that was very funny.

I then instructed the next senior citizen – now shaky and apprehensive having watched the others fall just ahead of him (moments away from falling himself I’ll add), “HEEL FIRST ON THOSE ROUNDED STEEL STEPS! THEY’RE SLIPPERY SUCKERS!”

So he slips, falls and topples down just like the first two.

** Fuck you couldn’t make this shit up **

Like Lemmings: *splat splat splat*

One of the first down in the group – the first to make it without the stuntman shit I mean – was a woman about the same age as the rest of the group. She asked me when most of the group was almost down, if they walked through Leura Forest, would it be close enough so we can call a taxi?

I start shaking my head before my mouth tells her, “Nooooo no there’s no taxis until you’re back up the top: it’s only 20 minutes through to lady carringtons’ dining room – a cleared picnic area in the middle of Leura Forest – but you’ve got to walk up a lot of steps to get to the top and then you can call a cab”.

I told her the other way is better: the walk’s about the same, but they can get a lift back up on the railway and not have nearly as much uphill to do if they go furber’s steps side.

Hang on ..I’ve still got some ascension of my own to get done.


Though I’ve still got 2-3 flights to go I’m basically at the top in under an hour.

The top; practically.

Would’ve been faster too if not for old people piling-up at the base of the staircase: how awkward for me, having to watch them topple down one after the other.

In the end I had to just step around them, then squeeze past the ones still coming down the single-file lower flight of stairs.


Alright I’m back in town and in the library, though I don’t really need the power-points now I’ve found outdoor ones where I’m sleeping in town, but I cannot sit and fountain shit right now anyway: I’ve gotta go down the road for something to eat, meet that DHL guy and my drug dealer later.

Phew! Flat OUT right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s some random snap of the library – boring I know, but libraries are notoriously boring places..

And of all the sections I could take a photo of, it’s a shelf full of bullshit nobody should waste their lives reading. Danielle Steel – come on really Katoomba Library.


They’re here and I can confirm their “International Series” Mango tastes exactly like Mangoes. I’ll wait until later to crack-out the Moo Series Coffee & Milk because I’ve got new coils to wind yet.

Sorry, I know e-liquids are boring, though these are premium e-liquids so they’re less commonly boring.

Mango and Coffee-milk premium liquids: Even if the coffee and milk doesn’t taste spot-on-exactly-the-same as the drink, I reckon I’ll like it. I had them mix it to 9mg instead of the 0-6mg they usually stock.

I’ll edit this whole post when I’ve got time so it’s less time-centred and more story-line; I’ve still got Outing #44 to finish and the prep for this outing to write yet *yawn* ..sleep well tonight I will: concrete slab or not.


I left my sleeping-bag in the library and the library is shut now! ๐Ÿ™

Be a cold night tonight.

It’s alright actually; I just remembered I’ve got that orange jacket: that was too hot walking outside on a cold day, do it should replace the sleeping-bag just fine for the night.

Just waiting to see a man about a “dog”, if you get me there. The time is 6:57pm.

4,588 words and we’re only in town for an intermission: the outing’s not finished yet.


Okay we’ve been and got the dog then returned to our angular, man-made overhang without all the silty dust, actually you know I would take the cold, *clean* concrete over the warm, *filthy* caves in a heartbeat. The ground down there is always warm for some reason, wait no not warm, but you never feel it through the sleeping bag once your on it; where I can feel the cold coming through both thermal leggings and pants right now – I feel nothing when I sit or lie on the ground anywhere down there: hot or cold there’s no temperature difference to my skin.

I gotta go and get the jacket: it’s getting cold, one moment.

Several moments more likely.

You know I’ll probably just end-up falling asleep when I get back, so you might’s well just wait until the morning.


Day 6 – Wednesday – 28 February


I should’ve appended to that, that I’ll take the concrete ONLY with a sleeping-bag.

I got NO sleep last night: the jacket was not warm at all. *I* was not warm at all and spent the night freezing my dick off.

I’ve been and got my sleeping-bag; first the librarian had no idea about any sleeping bag: told her I didn’t either until the library was already shut.

On a COMFORT:VOLUME basis; most comfortable bedding money can buy.

Sky-blue eyes bordered by panda-thick, matte-black eye-liner:  it works ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m getting organized; I need more powdered milk, coffee, sugar and –
whatever food to fill any gaps in the 25L daypack; unsurprisingly I’ve managed to drink nearly an entire 2 kilos of milk-powder I only got 3 days ago, yeah, Friday. Expected, given it’s the staple I’ve settled on: any actual chewable food is just for something to do, but you’ve gotta have something to do.

Plenty of distractions in town to keep anybody mentally engaged.

I’m outside the library rather than in this morning because, well it’s been pissing down for days, I’ve been stuck in a fuckin hole in the wall with everything damp and coated in silt that entire time so given how the Lyrebirds told me the rain was over yesterday morning in the escarpment and were right, well; seems better to be out here air-drying than inside a stuffy library full of musty old bookworms.

Can’t believe people still read books – it’s 2018: own it forever for $2 and fit this entire physical library in your pocket for a fraction the cost of the hardcopy versions. Still I suppose paper has it’s uses: you can wrap hot chips in it, scribble stuff on it, and I can fold both a paper crane AND a samarai hat with it.

That wind is starting to piss me off but I cannot see the tablets’ screen in the sun.

I’m going to get a little camp stove and take it down tomorrow, .. though what I really need is a tent, yet there’s no point taking a cheap tent down there:  it’d be fucked with the first wind and leak in the rain. You *have* to pay the extra for a label tent from mac-pac or kathmandu or similar to do this kind of thing: this is your only shelter in a national park – if it breaks or leaks while it’s raining you are fucked.

It *has* to have alloy poles and it must be waterproof with a bucket floor that has decent height around the lip.

Cheap tents are rubbish, like cheap everything else.

Anyway I don’t have $500 spare for an entry-level decent quality tent so tough shit for now. Not that I’ll be doing this much longer, though god I sleep like a baby downstairs: on the grass or in the escarpment; every night without fail I get at least seven hours solid.

Why do kids have to squeal and run: like small, bipedal piglets in cutesy-clothes with way too much energy. I gotta go anyhow: it’s too cold here in the wind and shade.


This dog clearly has worms,  and i refused to touch it. kind’ve cute though, in an ‘unfortunate’ kinda way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Right. The day has moved-on from the scabby but interesting dog and I’m back in the library charging shit, but – since finding those external power-points – I’m not concerned at all about charging my batteries before going down each time.

Means I don’t have to spend hours in here when all I ever use the library for is power-points to charge my devices and tables to recoil my vaporizers.

The librarian with the vivid-blue panda eyes just gave me a look very much like pity as I walked past on the way in, when she needn’t have: I’m not depressed and have no mental issues driving me to my current predicament: it’s entirely my own doing and I did it with forethought: a manipulation that backfired sure, but gave final answer to a question simultaeneously.

Does that only make sense to me?

For most the years I’ve been in Katoomba I’ve earned from $800 to $1200 per week take-home just from cleaning, and I’ll do it again once I’ve had my episode, because I don’t like not working because I like having money too much.

Just have to clear the shit out of my system and yes, that’s a metaphor, and not at all about drugs.

It’s about resetting.


$39 plus $15 for gas and I’m set for at least a week of cooking and hot coffee.

I’ve got the canister stove and the cheapest one they had, because the one I came to the mountains with – a Kathmandu $40 discount thing – worked beautifully the entire time I was in the valley doing the 16-month version of what I’m doing now, but further out I was then.

A $40 canister stove and a canister that big is all you need to cook down there for more than a week: in fact, a medium canister the size of the one above lasted me right through each 11 day Outing and I still ended-up with half-filled cans that built-up around my tent that I regularly had to use-up.

I’ve got fire again. 

I’ll write a list tonight of food I have to buy, then stuff whatever else I can fit in the pack once I’ve got the basics, then resume Outing #45 tomorrow afternoon on a happier note since it’s not meant to rain until about sunday so I can sleep on the grass, under the stars, instead of a dusty escarpment just to save getting wet.

Oh and more large garbage-bin liners: they puncture easily but are also the easiest, most compact waterproofing I can think of.

See how long I last this time before I have to come back up that 900-step staircase again, though it’s getting easier every few days I do it now – up anyway.

Going down with full pack still feels like I’ve got a crippled dog hanging off me all the way, but up the staircase is pretty easy now.

Half an hour until the mecca for word-nerds closes – I’m hungry anyway, though cannot decide between a hamburger or just a sausage-roll: not like my stomach is stretched to accommodate large meals – which is good really: more efficient overall to need less food than more.

I really should buy some multi-vitamins soon though because fat and protein can only go so far, and they’re starting to reach that limit; according to my body anyway: I’m starting to get a cold. 

Oh and fucks sake I’ve gotta throw all these clothes in the creek so I can soap them up and wash them all: it’s literally easier to do in the valley than it is in town.

Here’s some random iridescent beetle just walked along my hand – like the ‘feel good’ story they shove-in at the end of the news to make all the bad news not seem so bad. I personally don’t watch shit like that.


I’m in my sleeping bag and couldn’t be more comfortable; it’s a mild night too so yeah I’ll fall asleep before I know I’m going to – I predict.

I’ve cleaned and cleared the weeks accumulated garbage then packed what I’ve already got to take tomorrow and I have to say I am quite the pro when it comes to how and what to pack for camping: I couldn’t tell you anything about the latest 4WD camping appliances or equipment, but I can tell you exactly what you need to have when you’re on foot out there.

Snap-lock bags only quality isn’t that they’re sealed: you can microwave stuff in them, use them like bowls for cereal, mix things in them without a utensil and, they’re slippery against one another: put a bunch in your pack and they will slip against the others and settle into a very small, flat, compact mass that conforms and sortta squidges to the shape of your backpack and your back because the bags can slide around: much better than having to force the backpack to conform in shape to more awkwardly-shaped contents, which balance unevenly the whole time you’ve got it on.

I’ll get more powdered soups tomorrow now I can cook things again. Being so close to water too will mean no agonizing over how to use the last bit of water (coffee or pasta?) like I had to at the old campsite – which vanished without a trace as I found out a year ago when I went to see what’s left of the camp.

Nothing was left. Not even a bit of tent cord or yeah no trace.


Day 7 – Thursday – 1 March

It’s 5:02am and I’ve been up an hour now, moved and checked for trace evidence of my night here and I figured I should at least make sure my stove wasn’t a manufacturing dead-on-arrival.

It’s not d.o.a, works fine and is in the pack. 

Since everything else is packed and ready I’ll edit this post until the supermarket opens at 6:00am then go and do some minor shopping while I wait for everything else to open.


I’m on the main street on the steps (outside the usually-empty fair-trade shop and also where that old hippie guy sits cross-legged torturing the public with his squealing flute), packing the stuff I just got from Coles, when the Deb powdered mashed-potato packaging pops and goes all over me.

Edit: No, you know I tried to make a joke about wombats pack-raping id I don’t get ask the potato off, but it didn’t read funny at all.

That’s not all the food I’m taking, just getting what I’ve got sorted while I wait for the train to go see a woman about a cat.


I’m down and drenched with sweat again.

Bringing a 3 litre bottle of fresh milk clearly wasn’t the ultra-light option, but I’ll have normal, hot coffee until it turns.

My entire upper half is slippery with sweat – it’s the weight of the pack: one day I’ll come down with no backpack and see how much easier it is, because going up with a near-empty pack is easier than coming down..

Think I figured out where these veins are coming from too: I’ve had my daypack on my back everywhere I’ve gone for months on-end now: I think it’s the near constant weight on my shoulders..

I know I’m forever pulling my shirt off to take photos of these veins but I find them kind’ve fascinating, and right now you can even see the red marks from the backpack because I’ve just taken it off.

Anyway I’ll stop with the shameless vanity and make a coffee then write about something more interesting – to you at least – than myself.


I haven’t even made coffee yet but I’ve done other things, like feed the Currawong who’s always swooping in to pace back and forth in front of me on the track for food, I’ve getting my dose of Norah Jones, and I’ve taken this very nice photo of the ground, and I know that sounds like I’m taking the piss, but – really – I think it’s a lovely photo: if you’re looking for something in an earthy brown tone..

I used to have all photos uploaded automatically stamped with the site’s URL, but now, any photos that look particularly nice – to me anyway – are un-stamped so they can be saved and used by anyone as wallpaper or whatever; make a print if you like a photo that much – I’ve not ruined them with a stamp.

Oh, and though I’ll resist the urge to repeatedly update on the weather this time, because we’re supposed to have no rain until sunday at the earliest, which means maybe Saturday, the sky shouldn’t let loose on me tonight, though it looks like this …

 ..either way, if it does rain I won’t be going anywhere; by the time I pack and walk up to the escarpments everything will be soaked through because my pack is only water resistant – not pissing-cats-and-dog proof and the water permeates the fabric and everything (there goes another tree – CRACK! … *WHOOSH*) inside gets damp. If I stay however I’ve got two new large black bin liners that can keep ALL my *stuff* dry, but not me.

Better to get wet myelf and ghave all dry things when the rain stops, than to get everything saturated walking in the rain to a dry cave up top and have half the stuff in my pack ruined and have to dry everything.

And this..

Really, where better to focus your thoughts on anything at all: painting would be good to try out here too if you were into that. I’d be a wealthy artist now because drawing and painting have always come naturally to me bit I have zero discipline to stand there and actually paint for hours on end and quick sloppy paintings – I mean elephants can paint those with their trunks so quick-sloppy paintings are not for me.

Mozzies are coming out.. I’ve had my fill of the smell of aeroguard though..

I’m very relaxed tonight: I’ve got everything I need for days. The coffee and batteries will run-out first and that’ll likely be when I come up regardless how much food I still have, so I’ll try and eat the heavy stuff first.

All I hear right now is crickets and running water. Why it’s so easy to sleep down here. Regularly, I hear things russling around in the leaves. At first you might think sounds like that might be a bit alarming, that any of them could be a person sneaking around in there – if type a jumpy person; I’m not and haven’t been since I came down here the first few times 3 or so years ago.

The evolutionary fact though, is the only species that’s *not* capable of walking 10 feet in the dark out here is us: only nocturnal animals have nocturnal vision; humans can’t see anything in front of them without a torch.

That was off-topic, but I heard whatever animal it was and that made me wonder how many people would get spooky about sounds at night out here, and give them common-sense logic as reassurance.


Day 8 – Friday – 2 March

It’s just past 7:30am and I’m seeing blue sky through the clouds which fills me with a kind of warm gratitute, given the weather at the start of the week.

The birds are out; the cockatoos are yapping about, parrot stuff, those small birds that make the ‘sonar’ sounding pinging calls are doing that and the leeches appear to have withdrawn their assualt on any warm skin they can bite and suck.

I really want to split these posts into days, but what about days with only a few lines of text? Anyway maybe later, maybe not at all: I’m probably more sick of scrolling to the bottom than anyone else because I’ve gotta do that to add anything, so I’ve gotta flick down 20 pages every time I decide to append – whcih gets a bit annoying.

Today’s only major task is to wash my clothes: they’re flithy, and although I’ve got almost clean underwear, my socks are not clean and none of the rest of my clothes are so I’ll start in a minute just soaping-up my merino tops before dumping them wet in the creek to …what, slow-rinse? If the sun makes an appearance later I’ll wring them, hang them out and wash something else and Ive gotta get the clothes out of the other garbage bag I’ve stashed here: they’ve been in there wet a week and will start going mouldy if I don’t get on em and I like the clothes in tht bag too much to leave them to just rot – plus I need them clean to wear.

This vine here has pissed me off for the last time. Whenever I’ve gone into the creek under the ferns this thing has snagged me and slowly pulled more into the middle of the creek where I walk, snagging me more as more vine coils-up inwards.

Easily 20 feet long, I remembered I’d tossed a steel butter-knife in the bushes weeks ago and that was that, after a lot of sawing anyway.

This is what every inch of the fucker is like: ultra-fine toothed barbed-wire.

Hideous shit. It’s like rope too so you can’t just rip it out and being so highly serrated you’d be an idiot to even try with bare hands.

But it’s gone now, and the creek is clear of vine completely ๐Ÿ™‚ ..I’ve also moved a few medium-sized rocks into the creek to give me footing out of the mud: It’s so sloshy in places my boot sinks down to my ankle in mud and then becomes completely stuck in the mud; I literally have to twist my foot at an angle until the suction is broken just to get my foot back.

I need more rocks.


I’ve washed exactly 3/4 of my tops and they’re hanging on plants to dry, and although the dirt in the creek washed into them a bit they smell like sandalwood and appear at least cleaner, though far from washing-machine clean.

Sorry, slow day in the forest but I’ve got my pants dumped in the water rinsing now too, plus my armpits and other ..parts washed. the dark green pants rinsing in the creek and my pot washed for the instant noodles that’ll serve as a poor replacement for a real dinner, though it’s really just gotta be something dinnery to do at dinner; I’m not at all hungry.

The sun’s been shut-out by clouds now and the flying insects have vanished – leaving only a yabbie making gurgling noises right behind me and those sonar-ping birds ..pinging.

Super relaxing day though.

Earlier, when the Currawong was here for food (I was busy actually and forgot to feed him) I took some photos of him but with a completely digital camera on the phone I cannot take great animal shots.

All the good photos I took back a few years ago where with a little Nikon that had optical zoom, and digital zoom is rubbish.

Had I my camera-camera optical zoom would’ve given me a crystal clear photo with more vivid colour: I had to up the saturation with a photo editor to get this image looking as colourful as it does, where I wouldn’t have needed to with even a cheap compact camera. Pity, would’ve been a great photo:
he was looking right at me while he did that tilting head thing.

Who’d have thought washing myself with the clothes I’m washing would be such an efficient way to get clean, or cleaner. Might’s well have a shave while I’m at it..


I’ve decided to heat-up some water so I can shave without the icy-cold splash..

I did not forget the razor this time and oh yes we’ll do that with less significant photos from now on; look at all the screen real-estate I just saved.

The lead singer of Brรตs just walked past heading downhill with just a .. what a book bag I guess that’d be. 10 minutes later he’s walked pack past going out again. I’m surprised really; I’ve had tourists walk past me as far down as the wide section of creek at the bottom of the mountain, asking where scenic world is. I shit you not – tourists ..I dunno they just seem a bit dumb sometimes, at least in that respect.

Speaking of dumb, I’ve not left any shirts dry because I washed all four, but I’ve rectified the issue by wearing one of the cream synthetic ones damp. I put in on about half an hour ago and it’s still damp, but not freezing and will dry fast enough in the sleeping-bag if it’s still not already dry by then.

I’m about to cook the noodles, and then I’ll come back and talk about that church or Junction 142 or whatever you want to call it: after cleaning the Ritz, lunatics don’t bother me at all and I’ll go as far as saying that no matter how insane a given ward of the state was, they always spoke their mind: there was no shifty bullshit seemed to come out their mouth, and if it did it was deliberately obvious, not concealed.

But some of the people who frequent the church are both insane and repusive: one guy in there just yesterday spent about 2 hours there just sitting on a crate constantly rubbing his armpits under his t-shirt with his bear hands, sniffing it, rubbing some more made me wanna fucking hurl to think that cunt is going to touch things that I might unknowingly touch – anywhere in town I’m talking!

And yeah my armpits haven’t been as regularly cleaned as they would be if I lived in a house with facilities, but disabled toilets and baby-change rooms make good private bathrooms, with warm water and soap so I still wash my manky shit regularly: I even shave in the disabled toilets.

I sure as shit don’t rub my dirty armpits with my hands, just *gag* .. then there’re all the others who go there – most of whome are nice, but some are not.

Actually tastes pretty good when you’ve managed to avoid eating noodles for over a year, but doesn’t hurt that I also added some dried peas, powdered-milk, some of the deb mashed potato with onion and two beef flavour sachets.


There goes another tree..

I’m starting to get tired now I’m laying here in my sleeping bag, though I’ve been lying with my back out the cover and I have itching bites in multiple places, yet I can’t discern exactly where.

I’ve also just burnt another baby leech I wasn’t at all happy about seeing at night, because where there’s one.. and I’ve only got the torches on my battery packs; I can’t SEE them like I can in daylight.


(Another tree down – WHOOSH! .. you wouldn’t believe how often shit falls down here.)

Mmm it’s starting to spit rain. Goodnight, perhaps.. no wait, it’s stopped.

Let’s hope it sticks to occasional light misty drops here and there: I can sleep through that.


Day 9 – Saturday – 3 March

Right we’re up and halfway through the – minimum – three coffee’s we’ll be having to snap out of it, face the ice-cold creek water and do my hair because once it gets to a certain length, my hair just looks like abo fuzz and I’ll do anything to avoid that, so I’ve gotta pour creek water on my head which is unpleasant when it’s already cold, but vanity makes me do it – even out here.

Can’t have runners who’re regulars out here thinking I’ve become completely unhinged, you undertand ๐Ÿ™‚ ..so we’re clean shaven in two clean tops with soap-cleaned groin and armpits – it’s just the head looks a bit wrong thanks to the bed-hair.

Hang on I’ve gotta do something about it before more run past.

Here’s the day we’ve got anyhow..

Not bad huh.

It continued to spit rain all night long, and I slept pretty much right through anyway. Good shit.

I am visitor-ready.

The forecast

The weather is looking agreeable for at least overnight, check it out..

Excellent: a flatline of only 5% chance of rain right through until the section of graph above: chance of storms tomorrow afternoon, but even then it only rises to a 20% chance ๐Ÿ™‚

I remember some fool once telling me they no longer used the accuweather app because it wasn’t accurate compared to whatever trendy new app their friends were using, but this app predicted the rain would start at around 6:00am a few days ago, and was only out by 30 minutes because at 6:30 the rain started and did not stop for two days, which the accuweather app also predicted accurately.

BOM app = garbage.

Just having  myself a little leech BBQ, one moment.


We’ve all seen the classic 1973 british horror film, The Wicker Man?..

Any leech I pull off my shoes or myself will go in this snap-lock bag, then be vacumned flat in there.

We’re going to make a Wicker Leech – minus the pigs and chickens.

Might not finish it today, and since it’ll be a one-shot bonfire I wanna make sure I’ve got enough leeches to justify the effort.

Later ..


I’m going to cook “dinner” in a minute: I have a choice between mashed potatoes and peas, noodles and peas or powdered soup + peas + noodles.

The other day at the church I helped an old lady named Betty who had asked for help “moving a table” by subsequently moving and setting up a dozen fold-out tables and three times as many chairs. I had told her outside that the Lyrebirds walk up to a hill and make shreiking squeals when the rain is about to stop – even though its still raining when they do this.

Betty told me, “Oh do they? I’ve not heard about that one”, then continues to tell me Kookaburras are meant to start getting loud when the weather is about to swing the other way: sunny to rain to sunny to rain..

Hang on, the blanket of afternoon shade is here now: that’s it for the sun until tomorrow. Cool enough to put a shirt back on.

The Wicker Leech is still not finished, but almost.



Day 10 – Sunday – 4 March 2018

Hang on I’m making more coffee.. but here’s the photo..

You know some days there’s nothing happens at all nature-related: no nice animal cameos, not even a goanna to comment on: days like that there’s nothing out here going on to photo or write about except the mundane daily routine or introspective thoughts – if I’m in that mood.

Today though I’ve just finished writing how I’d had the first of several coffees and was on to my second when I leaned forward to reach out for the saucepan and saw this mutherfuck just slithering ..right on past. I don’t mind admitting I was momentarily alarmed to find a five-foot red-bellied black just feet away from me: snakes are meant to run away from humans.

This snake didn’t.

This snake just took it’s sweat time slipping around – even with me right up it’s rear taking photos of the thing..

*…uphill, chick runner other runners

I know I know. He’s a decent size too.

He’s come back down here to sunbake, so I will too soon.

*…snake won’t…

The snake won’t leave me alone. Here he comes again; circles, then appears right beside me and just doesn’t even speed up to get away when I move


Okay the snake took-off hours ago, though I’ve still gotta write it up because it was a very curious snake.

Looking at the sky now and it’s not looking ..as sunny, now, but that doesn’t mean it’ll rain: none of the birds are going off or anything.



Day 11 – Monday – 5 March 2018


Very misty this morning and due to rain, I’ve got everything packed and under a garbage bag while the light drizzle is falling.

My batteries are all dead and my phone is almost flat, so I’ve gotta type offline in the text editor because the tablet can’t upload anyway without the phone acting as a hotspot. Also my vaporizers are all on their way out so I’ve gotta come up tomorrow regardless.

One cannot live without electricity of some form in ths day and age.

That snake ..never looked aggressive, just sortta hung around didn’t have a clue until I get-up to heat the coffee and see the satin black strip writhing away but never in a hurry.


Since it was only drizzle, and having a feeling it’d stop once the temperature started increasing at this time of day (back to evaporation) I’ve not gone up yet: I’ll sleep in the cave but don’t want to be there any longer than I have to and have waited-out the drizzle – completely dry mind you – just by standing under the most densely foliaged parts: all you have to do is search the ground for dry leaves – they’re unmistakable and all over the place in Leura Forest: little spots of dry between the shiny sections.

Little pockets of natures umbrellas.

The things you just don’t even have to think about living upstairs are forefront of your mind down here: simple things like not being able to dry off and of course if it were raining heavier you’d probably get no cover at all from old-growth forest, but how much heavier? as long as there’s no wind, could you sinply stand within the deepest cover and stay dry? Dunno.

You try it and let me know how wet you get ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s now 11:37am and though the light is still, well, light, the clouds have started thickening-up a bit so I might have to go soon – once it cools off there’ll me no stopping the shit falling, getting me drenched.

The Cockatoo are starting to get noisy and no Lyrebird’s have squealed: I’m going up where it’s dry.

It’s really not all wet in there


Day 12 – Tuesday – 6 March 2018


I am getting spooky-good at calling the weather down there: I haven’t become wet down there for the past few days – not once – and only finally became damp walking back into town this morning because there’s no cover walking up Lurline Street from Echo Point to the main street of town.

God I’m good.. hang on I’ve gotta go out and eat my salad roll and organise the site to not be killed – the bill was due 2 days ago and I don’t have the money to pay it yet. Being good doesn’t pay bills sadly.

Yeah, I never needed to give two shits about the weather back when I had the camp and 4-season tent: if I got wet then I only had to make it back to the tent, then stay inside until I’m dry – I even collected water falling off my tent’s second fly, so whilst rain meant being stuck inside, it never meant getting wet.

Having no shelter whatsoever down there this time round and with smaller 4-6 day visits, I’ve had to watch, listen and pay closer attention to the weather and in the few weeks I’ve been down there I’ve already started picking up on cues the wildlife give: when everything is quiet – rain is just about to happen so find somewhere dry, because every other animal is doing just that – why they’re not making any sound.

That’s enough updating for now I’ve gotta go shopping and whatever ..get away from this library-crowd because they’re just too exciting for me ๐Ÿ™‚

And no, I didn’t burn a bag of leeches in the wicker leech – what sort of sick fuck do you think I am?

Actually, It’s just too decorative to burn, so I’ve left it down there to get proper wet in the rain: once it’s dry, the bark wrapping should dry in shape, and not be ..well yeah. You get me.. I’m leaving it down there in the rainforest to ‘cure’.

Anyway here’s the day we have though it’s much colder in upstairs in town than downstairs in the rainforest..

Katoomba NSW: better down in the forest  – climate-wise.

10,420 words.

Should wrap it up huh.. better yet; edit those 10,000+ words into readable content – story format.


I’m at my designated sleeping area in town, and in my sleeping-bag feels comfortable, but the top parts of me not covered area pretty fucking cold actually: I’ve still got a little feeling left in my fingers, but even that’s going fast.


Day 13 – Wednesday – 7 March 2018


I’ve just checked my balance and found over $3,300 in there: I can move-in any place I like and get another job – homelessness can end soon.

I’ll do one more outing for now, since there won’t be much chance once I’m working again.

I’ll also buy a new phone today so i can toss this peice of shit in the bin: phone-rage is a real thing.

..and pay for the site. Edit: I’ve paid for the site, done, sorted.

Half an hour until Coles and woolies open.


I got a Galaxy s7 because it’s heaps cheaper than an s8 and still shits all over the J1 kids phone I had..

$599 – water and dust resistant with a better camera and arseloads more memory, CPU and screen. 

Here’s a macro of a padlock taken in pro mode..

Not bad. I’ve just gotta disable that dumb ‘burst shot’ that’s on by default: it’s such a waste of memory.

Even zoom is clearer ..as this Cockatoo caught mid-blink will confirm..

.. still not optical zoom though.


I’m at the library now with about 10 minutes till closing and with about an hours sleep last night I am dead on my feet fucked.

If I drink enough coffee I’ll make it ’til bedtime if I don’t fall asleep walking there.


Now we’re at what’s it called – The Basilnut Cafe – since I’ve half an hour to kill. Ordered more caffeine and some weird sounding custard dessert with a slightly salted coconut sauce. 

I really wanted bavarian cream or cheesecake and I told the woman, but they don’t have that here and I suggested my going over to woolies to buy a frozen cheesecake to bring back and eat here would be a bit ..classless.

She laughed at that, without realizing I wasn’t entirely kidding, but not being completely void of social graces, I ignored the voice telling me to just get the frozen cheesecake and eat it in the car-park, and now I’ve gotta eat this for three times the price of the cheesecake, which I still really want.

Some kind of custard. I wanted it cold, but it will be anyhow by the time I’ve written and posted this. Guess I’ll just have to choke it down somehow.

Fucking first-world problems hittin’ me full-on today. Hang-on, it’s cold enough to eat now.

Not bad – kinda moosey though and thick, and tepid, and not very creamy.

6/10 I’d rate it. Had it been actually creamy like custard I’d have given it 7/10, but it wasn’t very creamy.


I’m in my sleeping-bag about to sleep and already in-love with this phone: best $600 I’ve spent on anything since my beloved Note3 with it’s monster 6″ screen.

The screen on this Galaxy s7 is slightly smaller – at 5.3″ – but the screen goes right to the edge of the phone from left <-> right.

I’ll upload a photo as soon as I put it down long enough to pick-up the tablet and take a snap with that, because thus far today I’ve been doing everything I normally do on a phone, but without any screen-lag, net-lag, typing-lag or any other negative, unexpected glitches at all: the device has not missed a beat from the time I unboxed the sucker and switched it on.

Fucking brilliant – after weeks of getting full-on shitty with how frustrating that $199 phone was to use: with only 8gb total storage on the J1 I’ve had to literally delete apps just to make space for using the browser to cache websites I’ve viewed.

This phone has 32gb like the Note3, plus 4gb RAM compared to the last phones’ poorly 0.5gb.

The camera on the last phone was 5mp: on this one it’s 12mp and has more options across the board: the ISO only goes up to 400 on the old phone, but 800 on the new one making it twice as equipped to handle low-light environments, plus there are other settings and options you’d have to Google to find out exactly what they do.

The screen on the old J1 is a generic “touch-capable” one: this phones’ screen is Corning Gorilla Glass and even feels much better; smoother and more slippery.

Yeah very satisfying device to use.

The battery is not only 3000mAh vs 1250mAh on the last one and fast- charges in an hour, but is wireless-chargeable and it just so happens the clock radio I bought at christmas for $99 from Big-W – still in-the-box new – has a charging pad covering most of the top of the clock.


Well it will be when I get a wall with power-points to plug it into.

Anyway I’m going to bed.




Day 14 – Thursday – 8 March 2018


Right. Last day of the fortnight, last day of the outing. Though really ‘Outings’ historically ended each time I’d return to town, whatever right?

My day started at 5:00am since I was still awake at 2:30am and changed my alarm to five hoping to get even a few minutes, then feel asleep but still didn’t get more than about an hour anyway.

First thing I’ve done is got up and packed-up, then taken the sleeping-bag around the back where I store it while in town but of course nothing goes smoothly some mornings and as I’ve jumped, the crotch of my pants caught on a fucking bolt sticking-out and tore open..

$90 pair of work pants ruined: fucking awesome.

But I’ve almost resigned myself to the fact all my fucking clothes are going to be completely ruined by the time I’ve found anywhere to live: between the rainforest mud, the cave silt and sharp pointy shit all over town how long can any clothes fuckin’ last.

Sure as shit no point buying any new clothes until I’ve stopped tearing these up climbing sharp metal shit.

Being up an hour later meant I only had half as long to wait for the supermarket to open; that was about the highlight of my morning, up until the waffle I had for breakfast.


The Ugly Duckling


Ugliest bird I’ve ever seen, this Pigeon, and I had no issue pointing that out to people coming in for their morning coffee. 10 minutes later he was dead; run over by a car right in front of me. I made fuckin sure I pointed that out to the careless cunt who killed him.


I didn’t think to take a photo of the bird itself – guts popped out it’s mouth and arse, still dripping hot blood on the pavement because I was busy waggling the murdered animal around in front of the tourist that drove over it right outside the waffle-bar on the main street, but this is what was left. Sorry if you were eating dinner or something. I try to not just omit photos simply because they’re considered disgusting, because they’re also sad: something bad happened there and an animal – ugly or not – had it’s life taken from it. Violently in this case.

Here’s another one while I’m here..

Taken just after sunrise, this dead rat was poisoned: would’ve been hours? Days of agony? .. pretty fuckinv horrible punishment for an animal simply trying to find food to survive. Might’ve been a mother with a litter of hungry babies break in her nest.


Breakfast. I know; I should be a food photographer, which isn’t a real job .. right?

Tasted every bit as good as it looks, I assure you ๐Ÿ˜‰

.. and of course, the macro ..



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