About the site

Moose: still miss that little fucker.

Psychaesthetic Online is a site privately owned, created and maintained as an open photo diary for my own self-amusement.

I’ve had the site since 2011 but only started using it for anything useful once I’d headed into the national park in 2015 and wanted to make a record of that period and subsequently kept writing when I found I grew better at it over time.

Ultimately, the point is to keep an active, regularly updated record of the rest of my life, then leave the site to whoever I’m closest to when death erases me from the planet since my entire personality will be thoroughly expressed in one bulk of thoughts, feelings and documented life events.

Naturally the sooner I find her the sooner she can start catching-up on what there already is and I can flip back and forth to relive all these moments anytime I like too, like a time machine in text: death isn’t the end-goal by any means. 

Some people leave a house, some people leave kids: I’ll leave myself, in an illustrated work spanning a lifetime of good, bad, beauty, love and hate – the full spectrum of human experience.

That’s why the site must remain in existence, for her once I finally find her. Of course being open to a fault I am quite happy for anybody else who wants to follow the site to help themselves to it because there’s nothing I’ve written in these pages I wouldn’t happily proclaim to anyone who’ll listen.