Outing #11

Rainforest Life: Outing #11 – Day 7

Added (Saturday 11-October-2014) Reptilian Matters @12:58pm Okay, I’ve fed the baby dinosaur his chicken wings, and he’s now resting it off; basking around the tent – moving every now and then, but never any further away. Several times he’s gone around to the plastic tarp for a drink. A video of him drinking is on […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #11 – Day 3

(Second image is Saturday’s, but couldn’t be f’d waiting for that post to load seperately, to edit it) Added (Sunday 5-October-2014) @2:51pm “A week at least”, I recall stating yesterday as an estimation and yet here he is again. He’s looking, and found the odd bit of chicken from my sandwich yesterday but he’s got […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #11 – Day 2

Added (Saturday 4-October-2014) @10:38am Have to toss some chicken necks around soon, though without the lizard actually here I fear the flies will drive me completely insane if I leave wet meat around the place. @11:44am Lunch today was a cold chicken roll with cheese. And bush spices. Not quite five-star dining but alright, notwithstanding […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #11 – Day 1

Added (Friday 3-October-2014) @3:53pm So here we are, back in the woods where life is beautiful. The birds are singing, the humans are far away and I have more food than I need including a full kilo of raw chicken necks for my Goanna mate. Sure hope he comes to eat em before they start […]

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