Outing #16

The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 8

Bob the Possum goes ape-shit at some she-possums, a baby girl possum and a shy Echidna.

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 7

(Saturday 20-December-2014) @7:42pm The sun is about to set on a relaxing day spent reading, cooling off and clicking at the occasional bird here and there. Here’s what it sounded like: Todays birdly midday forest sounds.. I’m pleased to announce that there was no Marsupial fighting at all last night, since both Possums got around […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 6

Brush-tail Possums snot-on over a tomato, and hungry, squawking Currawong chicks visit with their Mum.

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 5

The “War on Flies” continues and we are winning, plus an actual recording of interrogation: fly tells all!

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 4

(Wednesday 17-December-2014) @~11:00pm Today was spent reading for the most part – since there was no water needed getting, pausing occasionally to stun the odd filthy fly that was stupid enough to venture into the tent. Rather than feed them to the Ants, though, I now prefer to stick em in the fly-paper I have […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 3

(Tuesday 16-December-2014) @~10:30am Another feed-intensive night for the young, ever-hungry Possum saw him pig his way through a full banana and a half, before moving-on to buiscuts, flat-bread and dried cranberries. Shortly after he left, the second Possum – the skittish one – snuck over to scavenge the leftovers and I gotta say I felt […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 2

(Monday 15-December-2014) @5:39pm Alright so although today was slow, last night we had ourselves the most epic Possum visit yet. It didn’t start until around 11:00pm, where upon the baby – the Possum set as my facebook profile pic – announced his arrival with a gentle pawing of the tent. I quickly moved to open […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #16 – Day 1

(Sunday 14-December-2014) @5:22pm This week I’ve brought a few different foods; some pearl cous-cous add well as some plain tomato paste and morocan spice mix to go with it, “breakfast” buiscuts, flat bread and some Indian curry packet that was sitting there in the kitchen of the backpackers unopened. I also ripped some nice-looking brown […]

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