Outing #3

Outing #3: Day 1 – No clue at all

@1:37pm So I’m at the bottom of the Giant Staircase, again, after heading out from town at approximately lunch. Didn’t seem so hard walking down the nine-hundred-odd steps this time. I wasn’t too concerned about an early start because the plan for today was really just to get down the Staircase before dark: since the […]

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Outing #3: Day 2 – Trail or cliff?

        @10:45am Having found a way onto the track that leads down into the lower Jamison and Kedumba valleys, I’m sitting to share some “breakfast” biscuits with eight White Cockatoo… …the last biscuit was eaten about twenty minutes ago now, and yet all eight are still sitting nicely with me. Lovely, but […]

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