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PowerMonkey Extreme 12V

Packing a 9000mAh 12V Lithium-Ion battery pack and 600mAh solar panels, the PME12V was about the best-in-class solar charging device I could see online for ~$200. I’ve tested the unit, just in the backyard of course but sunlight is sunlight, and can confirm a charge-rate of 10% per hour. That doesn’t sound like much juice, […]


Kathmandu LED Tube-lantern

I grabbed this lantern for $16 from Kathmandu because, well I walked past it, and it seemed a pretty fair price for area-lighting. Turns out it’s more than broght enough to illuminate an area: in my bedroom with the TV on it floods the room with light, and outside where it’s the only sorce of […]

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Boreas V2 4-Season tent

Invalid Displayed Gallery So I’ve procrastinated about doing a ‘test-pitching’ of the tent, because without a back-yard here I have to setup in the front, and I cannot help but feel I have every neighbour within sighting distance watching me set the thing up which – in the end – irked me a bit, but […]

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Why do it?

Many people now have asked me why on earth I’d want to go down a mountain in the middle of winter and spend half of every fortnight in the freezing cold, howling winds and rain to sleep on the ground in an open shelter – bugs crawling all over me – for months on end. […]

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Portrait of an ex

This could’ve been a pretty striking painting – had I not left it in some random woman’s house in Adelaide – but it’s gone now and I don’t give a shit about her anymore.

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Maroubra High..

You believe this shit: as soon as I google my old high school, I find a wikipedia article stating the place was closed by the department of education in 2002 and handed over to some wanker ‘selective’ school at that time – Maroubra High was considered ‘surplus’ to the government, though it was a big […]

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The Commodore VIC-20 ❤

The first computer I ever owned and the one I wagged school to stay home and learn to program, this little fucker and my obsession with learning to program would see me expelled from high school, but man I loved it.


Marist Brothers Pagewood

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Marist Brothers Daceyville

I’m not sure if “middle school” is technically the correct term but this is where I did the 5th and 6th grades, which of course is right in the middle of primary and high schools. Had the hots for my art teacher here and though I’ll be fucked if I can even remember her name […]

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St Andrews Malabar

I’ve got photos of this from a visit I did a few years ago – soloely to be nostalgic – but they’re on my ipad, which most lilely has a flat battery. This googled photo is actually of the “Brothers” house or seminary or whatever the fuck they called it, though I think there were […]

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