Here’s a flashback, and it actually reminded me I’ve got other videos of him plus other animals from my time in the valley: The much written-about six foot long Bells Form Lace Monitor, Broeski. So much like miniature dinosaurs I fuckin’ love ’em

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He was the only animal out there I never reached-out to pat: with teeth like tiny serrated razor blades one good bite on a larger vein in my hand would’ve meant the risk of bleeding-out before even walking back up out the valley – never even mind getting medical help.

I did try chasing him with the intention of jumping on and grabbing him behind the head and back legs once, but the moment I stood up he’d be ten meters up the nearest tree and it occurred to me that since I’d need both hands to control the lizard there’d be no way to take a selfie anyway, and abandoned that idea.

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