The Rainforest Journal: Outing #12 – Day 9

(Saturday 25-October-2014) MONITOR MATTERS @10:34am Lizard-man is outside eating the potato pasta I saved for him, though he doesn’t seem so keen for this creamy pasta as he is for the regular stuff. I’m sure like most too, how ‘keen’ he is relates directly to how hungry he is and after a kilogram of chicken […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #11 – Day 7

Added (Saturday 11-October-2014) Reptilian Matters @12:58pm Okay, I’ve fed the baby dinosaur his chicken wings, and he’s now resting it off; basking around the tent – moving every now and then, but never any further away. Several times he’s gone around to the plastic tarp for a drink. A video of him drinking is on […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 8

(Friday 12-September-2014) @11:14am So I’ve been waiting to find out whether the weather will provide my water, or I have to walk for it. I’ve had my morning munch of Geebungs, done the now routine morning stuff and readjusted my tarp from “battened-down” to “open” for water collection, but in spite of the clouds covering […]

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