Outing #39: You there! Koala Bear!

Loud, random belching noises from very near the tent every night finally conclude, in what I’m told is a very rare sighting down there now: a genuine wild Koala Bear.

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Outing #29: European Women and Log Cabins

Here we are again; surrounded by rainforest, in the middle of nowhere; Blowflies that just refuse to stop hanging ’round the tent are giving me the full-on shits.

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Outing #20 – Days 1-4: Alice, Broeski & Shrooms

(Friday 6-February-2015) Day 1 THE WEEK IN TOWN Today, the walk out here was the usual bitter-sweet, whatever deal; half of me wished to stay in town, the other half wanted to come back out to my animal brothers and sisters but, having spent the last four days being nothing more than a pair of […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #19 – Day 2

(Saturday 24-January-2015) AQUISITION OF WATER Though I didn’t much feel like it, today I had to walk the ~6km round trip to get my water bottles filled. Coming down yesterday I only had one empty juice bottle and that’s only good till the next morning. No Wallabies, no lizards, no Echidna, no animals at all […]

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The Rainforest Journals: Outing #19 – Day 1

(Friday 23-January-2015) Note: Due to a fast, huge storm ripping through the valley I’ve been delayed a bit in posting this. Call me paranoid but I don’t want to transmit electrical signals *through* a storm when I can see the lightning all around the area seeking-out ground-points. THE WEEK UPSTAIRS A good week spent in […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #18 – Day 3

(Wednesday 14-January-2015) I won’t bother time stamping this. In fact I’m finding the time-stamp shit a bit pointless to be honest, at this juncture in the journal record keeping. Often I don’t write the days events down until the next day anyway, and who gives a shit what time it happened? Indeed, after being down […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #17 – Day 10

(Monday 5-December-2014) @4:46pm The last day of another outing, and being the multicultural-lovin guy I am I decide to free-up some pack weight going back up, and have a bash at this mystery satchel of Indian food. I often throw leftover food down the hill – once I’m far enough away from my camp that […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #17 – Days 4, 5, 6 & 7

(Friday 2-January-2014) @2:27pm Is been a couple days since the last journal entry because it’s been (a) too hot to give a shit and (b) the same basic things happening during those four days: get up, chug some coffee, go dig a hole to shit in then grab some food and scatter it around for […]

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The Rainforest Journal: Outing #17 – Day 3

(Monday // 29-December-2014) Alright I’m not gunna bother with the usual dribble about the happenings of the day ’cause they were pretty much standard. Relaxing day, went for water, felt something in my sock all the way back and just knew it was a leech, got back to camp and removed said leech then tossed […]

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The Rainforest Journals: Outing #17 – Day 1

(Saturday // 27-December-2014) @4:33pm Having zig-zagged my way down the mountain and out into the valley on the usual assortment of trails, there is nothing better than arriving at camp, unclipping the 15kg strapped to your back and setting-down the shopping bag with 5kg of fresh fruit and water before getting some coffee on then […]

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