Rainforest Life: Outing #10 – Day 2

(Left-to-right: Adult male Lyrebird, Fence Skink, Common Brush-tailed Possum, Pied Currawong) Uploaded (Sunday 21-September-2014) @12:14pm Unbelievable how well you sleep out here. It’s like some kind of natural sedative: the Sun sets, you eat, lay down and before you know it your eyes start getting heavier each hour that passes. Next thing, you start dropping […]

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Antechinus stuartii

Brown Antechinus My minxy sexy she-rat bitches!

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Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 10

(Sunday 14-September-2014) @10:57am Alrighty, we’re all done with morning matters, and are about to head out, deeeeeeper into the valley, than ever before. Got my satellite beacon, phone, GPSr and in my backpack, two bottles: one half full of tepid, room-temperature “iced” coffee, the other half full of that orange flavoured powder stuff. Nothing but […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 8

(Friday 12-September-2014) @11:14am So I’ve been waiting to find out whether the weather will provide my water, or I have to walk for it. I’ve had my morning munch of Geebungs, done the now routine morning stuff and readjusted my tarp from “battened-down” to “open” for water collection, but in spite of the clouds covering […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 5

(Tuesday 9-September-2014) @10:06am Still haven’t quite finished Day 4’s entry. Just bear with me now. Okay. Normally, I upload the days diary a day late for several reasons: Firstly, the day isn’t really over until I’ve gone to sleep that night, and since nocturnal animals or other things can happen once I’m lying in bed, […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 4

(Monday 8-September-2014) @9:08am Gosh the bees are on the go this morning. It was all blue sky an hour ago, with clouds moving-in during that time, but the forecast says it’ll be a rain-free day, so I’ll go for a wander. Maybe see how many ripe Geebungs I can stuff in before the day ends. […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 2

(Saturday 6-September-2014) @8:06pm Chilly, overcast morning we have today. Prior to this outing I checked the forecast several times too, and according to my weather app – AccuWeather – it’s meant to be sunny with only the odd rainy day here or there. Then, yesterday morning I opened our government run meteorology/weather site ( and […]

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Rainforest Journals: Outing 9 – Day 1

5th September 2014 2:00 PM All the trudging with a fortnight worth of food on my back is behind me, and I’m at my campsite – just resting now while my sweat-soaked clothes dry a bit. Started raining cats and dogs about twenty minutes ago: roughly five minutes after I’d arrived, re-adjusted the fly/tarp, got […]

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Rainforest Life: Outing #8 – Day 6

Featured Image Saturday 30-August-2014 @2:25pm Here we are, day almost over and I haven’t even scribed a word. Where are my manners. The Blowflies here are really pissing me off today. They’re as annoying as regular House Flies are in suburbia – constantly huzzing in and out and into your area. I’ve had to put […]

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Rainforest Journals: Outing #8 – Day 5

Friday, 29th August 2014 11:56 AM Good sleep-in, I had today. About 9:30 AM I woke-up and since then I’ve had my morning coffees, recharged my phone and taken the rain-fly off the tent, since it’s reasonably sunny and there’re no downpours forecast. 2:07 PM Having noodles for lunch today: Deep fried and dried noodles, […]

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